Who should win at Eurovision?

Ukraine is a big favorite to win the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Turin this Saturday. Russia has previously been banned from competition and many have called the Ukrainian television song (UA: PBC) the highest rating, not because the song is an excellent small batch but as a result of international opinion and gamblers, but because the political aspect of the current war in Europe is decisive.

Stefania It was a song performed by the Kalush Orchestra and was selected in 2022 by the Ukrainian national festival Vidbir. The theme is irrelevant, uses the whole stage for a thrilling performance, but doesn’t do the most common fuss at these festivals, as well as bringing us a fusion of local sounds (hip hop) with local urban music. ) And excellent instrumental arrangement. Incidentally, Moldova has chosen the same formula TrenuletulIn the fusion of folk and rock and roll, and in the lyrics it says: “Old Country, New Country / It’s One, It’s Two / Both Separate, Both Together”. Will it be political? Is it Moldova’s attempt to reconcile with neighboring Romania?

These are just two examples of how people have the right to exist as a people and nation throughout the Turin phase.

It is important to analyze the assumptions of some of the other songs, just a few hours from the finale, in recent years, in the selection of the winners, in a different analytical field, beyond the music in light of the basics of the theme. Given the overwhelming support for Ukraine, it would prove to be contrary to the more tangible aspect of life for the organization, namely the surprise effect of decision-making.

So, I define two types of songs: those that are full or onstage, based on or not, erotic music genres or inspired by the past, and the text and musical aesthetic. (In symbiosis), these songs are always original and valuable products. In any universe, there are those who can overthrow Ukraine if surprise comes at night.

In the First World, the song of Spain (RTVE), Slomo, Made for Jennifer Lopez, who never responded to the song’s author. As a result, they gave it to Chanel, who won the BenidormFest 2022 and obtained a passport to Italy. Chanel is a charming singer and sensual dancer. The song has a touch of Latin American reggaeton, but is part of the fireworks to cheer up the hosts by forgetting the worst of the festival’s apotheotic end. One of the song’s verses well references: “If I have a problem, it’s not monetary“Spain actually has a problem: it hasn’t won in a long time. Space man And even sung by Sam Ryder fills the stage, but it’s even more amazing and the singer’s vocal abilities are suffocating. Over the past year, Brexit-related politics may have helped bring the UK down. However, in 2022, the strategy was to choose a viral star on digital platforms and start producing music from inspiration. Space Oddity, By David Bowie, and in RocketmanBy Elton John, to give us a message on the “bird’s flight” through the desire for space conquest, but the awareness that the earth is our home will always force us to return, to validate what we already have.


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