Which theater drama to watch? SP debuts with Kafka, Beckett, Sophocles and Shakespeare – 05/13/2022 – Teatro

With plots ranging from the Chilean military dictatorship to contemporary debates such as necropolitics, S ಸಾo Paulo theaters are shaking off May by celebrating their anniversary with two companies: Sia. Inverse ratios are 30 years, but Cia. Elevator Complete 20.

But many of these current issues appear in the form of classics in the stages of Sೊo Paulo. You can take the kids, for example, to discover Franz Kafka’s universe in the “Dear Kafka” show. Or, in the adult field, plunge into the universe of Samuel Beckett in Micah Lynn’s “Play Beckett.”

Other premieres include “The Theater Maker”, “Death and the Maiden” and “Terra de Slaughterhouse”. For Shakespeare fans, the request is inspired by “Lady X Macbeth”, “Macbeth”. Finally, “Thebe” represents the classics of classical theater, a play inspired by the trilogy of Sophocles, which combines the plot of “Oedipus the King”, “Antigone” and “Oedipus at Colonus”.

Check out May’s key pieces below for writing on the agenda.

Theater Maker
Playwright, director and actor. These are the acts of Bruscon, who leads a drama troupe of the same name with his wife and children touring small towns in Austria and Germany. In the plot, they travel to perform, but when they come to the theater, they find a place to fall, smell of sewage and dirt everywhere. Marking 30 years of Cia. Inverse causes, the work brings reflections of art.
Direction: Marcio Aurelio. Text: Thomas Bernhard. Cast: Paulo Marcello, Lillian Alves, Eduardo Santos and Gabriella Marquez. In Cesc Pompeia – r. Clelia, 93. 5/17 to 6/10. Tues., Wed., Thurs. And Fri., 20:00 pm. R $ 12 to R $ 40, at sescsp.org.br. 14 years

The Sophocles’ “Oedipus the King”, “Antigone” and “Oedipus in Colonus” appear in a single show called the Theban Trilogy, which intertwines their plot. Sia’s new play, which evokes issues such as independence, oppression, patriarchy and territorial dispute. The elevator displays Oedipus in three stages of life, always dealing with tough rulers and wars.
Direction and text: Marcelo Lazaretto. Cast: Carolina Fabry, Marcelo Lazaretto, Pedro Haddad. In Sesqu Bom Retiro – Al. Nothman, 185. 5/19 to 6/25. Thurs., Fri. And Sat., 20h. From BRL 12 to BRL 40, at sescsp.org.br. 12 years

Death and maiden
The couple Paulina and Geraldo have previously suffered at the hands of the Chilean dictator, and since then, they have been trying to deal with the traumas that have emerged since the abduction, torture and death of friends. But when a woman reunites with one of her persecutors her militant journey takes on new directions. The play was written in 1990, shortly after the end of Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship and was adapted into film by Roman Polanski.
Direction: Larte Mello. Text: Ariel Dorfman. Cast: Alain Pimentel, Andre Barreros and Victor Barreto. In Espaço Parlapatões – pça. Franklin Roosevelt, 158. 21/5 to 26/6. Sat at 4 pm and Sun at 7 pm. R $ 30 to R $ 60, at sympla.com.br. 16 years

Dear Kafka
Taking the world of one of the greatest writers of the 20th century to children and young people, the play adapts classics like Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis”, “The Process” and “The Castle”. In the story, a man meets a grieving girl who has lost her doll and wants to help her, claiming to be a postman who sends letters to traveling toys.
Directed by: Marcelo Lazzarato. Text: Carla Kinzo and Marcos Gomes. Cast: Pedro Haddad, Chiara Lazaratto and Julia Alves. In Sesqu Bom Retiro – Al. Nothman, 185. Until 6/26. Sun, 4pm. From BRL 7.50 to BRL 25, at sescsp.org.br. Four years

Lady X Macbeth
In the digital age, the hot play of excitement arises in debates such as necropolitics, social inequality, gender equality, racism and war. The plot, inspired by Shakespeare’s tragic “Macbeth”, still provokes debates such as marital infidelity and excitement from current narratives.
Direction: Marcio Aurelio and Mara Borba. Course: Marcia Zanelatto. Cast: Yara De Noves and Guilherme Leme Garcia. At Cesc Consolaco – r. Doctor Vila Nova, 245. Until 5/6. Fri. And Sat., 9pm, and 6pm Sunday. BRL 20 to BRL 40, in sescsp.org.br. 14 years

Land of slaughterhouses
Two plotlines guide the show, full of criticisms of capitalism. In one of them, the canned meat factory does everything – even some bad planning – to keep it from going bankrupt. In another, a young human rights activist faces the frustration of seeing her militant friends ally with wealthy people in the area.
Direction and text: Fábio Resende. Cast: Ademir de Almeida, Elise Martins and Jose Adair. At the Sೊo Paulo Cultural Center – r. Vargero, 1,000. 5/21 and 4/22. Sat., 20:30 pm, and Sun., 17:00 and 20:30 pm. Free. 12 years

Play Beckett
Inspired by the classic texts of the Irish playwright Samuel Beckett, the production mixes the plot of “Catastrophe”, “Improviso de Ohio”, “Play” and “Atto Sem Palavras II”, bringing together a group of actors who are now working again. The Kovid-19 epidemic is more than two years away from the stage.
Direction: Mika Lins. Text: Simon de Lucia. Cast: Simone de Lucia, Diego Machado and Marcos Sucara. At the Alliance Franchise Theater – r. General Jardim, 182. until 6/26. Thurs., Fri. And Sat., 8pm, and 6pm Sunday. BRL 10 to BRL 60, in sympla.com.br 14 years


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