Two years later, volunteers resume cohesive visits to hospitals in Curitiba

“My role in helping people stops only when I complete the journey on earth Voluntary Because I want to give my life a special meaning. Testimony of Ivo de PaulaThe 69-year-old reveals the feelings of people who decide to devote some of their time to transforming the lives of others.

Retirees are part of the volunteer team Kazoo University HospitalIn Curitiba (PR), which returns to the corridors and rooms of the organization after a two-year absence due to an epidemic. “Human warmth was needed. We are very happy and happy to return to continue trying to help people,” Ivo declares.

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The joys of returning to hospitals are the same as the 300 volunteers, most of whom are elderly, who have had to isolate and discontinue many activities due to the epidemic. Now, little by little, they can come back to do actions that help ease the pain of the body and soul of those who are facing difficult days. “It has been great to be back here for 10 years. I know this is a gift that God has given me to do good to anyone at any time, ”says Marcia Morlan Marquen, 72, who makes solidarity visits.

Setting aside time for volunteer service is the key to a fuller, more purposeful life. Therefore, older men and women are more involved in social work. A survey by MGN, in partnership with NGO Parceiros Voluntários, reveals that this work contributes to learning, self-esteem and values ​​and is essential for older people to feel good about themselves and for society. In addition to the time many need to volunteer, they carry invaluable experiences to share.

It is good to do good

A group of volunteers who have been working for 15 years at Hospital Universitario Kazur, which provides 100% SUS care, is always committed to bringing comfort to patients with words of love, attention and support. “Volunteering exists only when there are people who donate every day to perform tasks, sometimes very simple, but very valuable to patients. And participating in the resume of these activities in hospitals guarantees that a simple story, song or friendly shoulder will transform the day for many. Not only science and medicine will save lives. This is proof, ”says Nilja Brenni, coordinator of pastoral care and volunteer work at University Hospitals Kajuru and Marcelino Champagnat.

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Volunteering is about empathy and cohesion in its most essential form. Therefore, visits humanize the care of the patient and relieve the routine of health professionals. According to Loriwal Camargo, who closely follows her grandfather’s hospitalization, the arrival of volunteers softened the routine and softened her day in the hospital. “Comfort is essential for companions and patients, so we are firm in this fight. It is not easy.

Volunteers bring dogs to bring some joy to people hospitalized in Curia. Photo: Disclosure

With each new encounter, personal well-being grows in Iowa. Emotion is real and often has a direct impact on your mental health. Volunteers explain, “Entering the room, boosting enthusiasm and promoting hope. Our mission is to transform the hospital environment and help improve the patient. And, in the end, the good done is never forgotten.” Everything you do for good. You donate a little bit to that person, “says Marcia.

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Cohesion and learning are part of the lives of those willing to do volunteer work. In hospitals, the spirit of solidarity spoke loudly and the Kovid-19 epidemic pushed more than 300 volunteers into other routines. He needed to reinvent himself and adapt to limited visits so that, from afar, he was as close as possible to those in need. Some organized themselves to launch donation projects, while others were current through technology.

Now, groups of volunteers are back with a little and all the care for the visit. And behind the laughs of those who donate their time to brighten up the day for others, there are many people who have many stories and experiences. “The presence of volunteers shows patients that they are not alone. Although there are no statistics to prove how they can help improve the hospitalized population, we know from their looks that we have managed to touch everyone’s heart. Fortunately, these measures are back,” Nilja concludes.

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