Truck driver work is not impossible for Brazilians in the United States, but it is difficult

Working outside of Brazil, the reality of earnings and the highway infrastructure is so different from ours, the dream of thousands of Brazilians looking to change their lives in European countries and Canada and the United States. In the United States, for example, truck drivers hired by transportation companies can receive up to US $ 125,000 a year, depending on their area of ​​activity.

And a lot of people want to go in pursuit of the American dream. And a lot of people want to know How to Become a Truck Driver in the USA. For the country, the entry of more truck drivers from other countries has solved the problem of labor shortages in the region, as there are currently more than 60,000 drivers, which may exceed 100 thousand by the end. 2024., according to the American Trucking Association (ATA).

Currently, about half the truck drivers in the United States are from other countries, notably Mexico and Central America, Asia, and to a lesser extent, South America.

It is the most sought-after country by foreigners, making it one of the most difficult and bureaucratic in the world to enter the United States in the most diverse profession. In other words, wanting to go is not enough. You need to understand and overcome all the stages of the process that can take several years.

To work as an employee, you can try to get EB3 Visa. To get something like this Green CardAn interested person must first be able to speak English completely, have a passport and a tourist visa to the United States.

Then, the process of obtaining an EB3 visa begins. This type of visa is granted to skilled workers with two years of work experience in jobs considered strenuous in the US.

To enter the order, there must be one Sponsoring CompanyYou must have a company in the United States that meets the program requirements, such as size, number of employees, billing, and number of open positions. The company is responsible for the first stage of the process of filling out the form from the US government’s Department of Labor.

The company needs to prove that it cannot hire US citizens for that position. Then, the worker has to submit another form and a series of required documents PassportDocuments of work permit, legal and criminal proceedings approved at the embassy.

Once everything is approved, the worker has to undergo a rigorous interview at the embassy. In the text here, this does not seem like such a complicated process, but it is. The average period for obtaining an EB3 visa is 18 months. This means that a company interested in hiring you will have to wait 1 year and a half to enter the country.

But after all, as you come from the other side of the planet, you have to go through another bureaucratic process to get everything. Documents required in USAAnd only after that are you entitled to get it A professional driver’s license known as CDLThis allows the movement of heavy trucks.

If everything goes well, it can take up to 3 years in total In the process, the worker will be able to take his family, who will enter the US with specific visas. In this case, the spouse and children under 21 who are alone.

The EB3 visa is one of the simplest ways to get US citizenship, but it also allows you to live in the country forever. The total cost may be in the region of US $ 80,000, but most will be borne by an interested company.

Working and living in the United States is a dream come true for more and more people around the world. But it requires dedication, effort and patience. So, if you want to try, start with the most basic ones: what’s your English like? And the records?

Raphael Brusk – Truckers Blog

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