Top 10 Roblox games played over 21 billion times

With a platform as large as Roblox, it’s hard to keep track of things. Our top 10 list gives you an overview of the most popular games on the platform.
In 17 years and with around 100 million active users, the Roblox platform has now accumulated a considerable number of games. The following featured applications are all free to download and play on all platforms Roblox is available on (Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Xbox One, Oculus Rift).


MeepCity was published in 2016 by Alexnewtron, who is passionate about making games for Roblox, and was the first game to attract a billion visitors. In MeepCity, players can meet up with millions of other users, chat, play different games or own their own property.
Alexnewtron plays MeepCity himself till today to understand why his game attracts so many users. He even uses different accounts to interact with players and get first-hand impressions. “We have a small team, but together we create ideas and content based on how people play MeepCity. For example, we saw how much the players loved playing at the pizzeria, so we decided to add an ice cream parlor and the community loved it, ”says Alexnewtron.


Currently in the fourth season, Jailbreak was voted “Game I’ve spent the most hours playing” at the Bloxy Awards 2019 by the Roblox community. Here players can stage a robbery or stop the criminals before they escape, or team up with friends for even more fun and plan the ultimate breakout together.
Choosing the role of a criminal means that the object of the game is to escape from prison. Choosing a police officer means preventing the criminal from escaping.

Alex Balfanz developed Jailbreak with another developer (who wants to remain anonymous). Alex said in a recent interview that after Jailbreak was released in early 2017, player numbers “exploded” and “Jailbreak became instantly and consistently popular”. The developers mainly worked on jailbreaking after school. The game can be played online on Roblox, or it can be played with jailbreak toys and sets in the

real world.

Adopt Me!

At the beginning of the year, Adopt Me! new avenues and attracted hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users. With over 500,000 simultaneous players, the game set a new record with the introduction of a new feature, the ability to adopt pets.
At the moment, the number of active players practically never falls below 100,000 players adopting pets, designing their own homes, or exploring Adoption Island. The talented creators Bethink (Creative Director) and NewFissy (Tech Director) had played Roblox for years before they started experimenting with game development a few years ago.

Adopt Me! has been a quick success story and the developers believe that promoting adoption in the virtual world can have an impact on the real world as well. New animals can be adopted with each update, from turkeys (Thanksgiving Update) to bees.

Royale high

All players who love to dress up and show their friends new clothes will find a beautiful world in Royale High where just that is possible. This popular Roblox experience gives players the opportunity to make new friends and places to explore.
In addition, new content is added regularly. Callmehbob, the creator of this popular Roblox experience, describes herself as a “girlie girl” who loves everything pink. She herself started playing at the age of 12 and was thrilled when she saw the introduction of female body shapes for Roblox avatars a few years later. She decided to learn how to use the Roblox Studio Engine to create a beautiful environment in which to dress up and slip into other roles.
After Royale High was released in 2017, it took just a few weeks for hundreds of people to discover the game, then thousands, eventually millions. There is now a huge community of dedicated fans who create beautiful objects for the world of Royale High. In the future, it is planned that players will be able to set up their own businesses and sell their own items there. “We haven’t even taken advantage of any of these opportunities,” explains Callmehbob, saying that she and her team will be working on Royale High for many years to come.

Murder Mystery 2

In Murder Mystery 2, released in 2014, players have to solve a mystery and fight for survival every round. Nikilis continues to develop this fascinating game, proving that no feature overloaded games are necessary to captivate millions of players.
At the beginning of each round, the players are assigned a role: the innocent run away and hide from the killer, but later also use their detective skills to identify the killer. The sheriff works with the innocent because only they can hunt down the killer. At the same time, the killer tries to eliminate everyone without being caught by the sheriff.
Before Murder Mystery, Nikilis had already published a few games on the platform and gathered a small fan base. But he never expected that one of his games would be so successful. He recalls, “I tested the game mechanics with a couple of friends, but they weren’t really that interested. So I was sitting alone on a server. I posted the link to my game in a couple of groups and went to sleep. When I woke up again, thousands of people were playing the game. “

Work at Pizza Place

Who would have thought that working in a pizzeria could be so much fun? The role-playing game Work at Pizza Place, released in 2008, is one of the oldest on the platform. Other Roblox developers like Callmehbob say the game was among the top favorites even before they came up with their own ideas.
In this game, Roblox users learn how to manage a pizzeria. You have to process pizza orders and you can use the money you earn for various upgrades. The longer a player stays with it, the more diverse his options for customizing the bar with new furniture, objects or, for example, floors.
At the beginning, the players choose which role they want to take on, which can be changed at any time. You have the choice between cashier, pizza cook, delivery person, pizza packer or delivery person. They receive detailed work instructions for their tasks. The developer Dued1 explains: “The idea for the game came to me when I was working as a grocer. As a shelf clearer, the concept of a supply chain became clear to me. Someone puts the food on the shelf, then someone scans the food, then someone puts the food in a bag. I wanted to do that in a game. ”He believes that the key to the game’s success is an opportunity to work with friends and acquaintances toward a common goal.

Welcome to Bloxburg

Welcome to Bloxburg was published in 2014 by Coeptus, a student who works on the game in his spare time. Welcome to Bloxburg is a virtual world in which the players live and work and can choose from different jobs. With their income, players can build and design their own house, buy cool vehicles, meet up with friends, slip into a different role or explore the city of Bloxburg.
Coeptus stated in interviews that he had no actual developer experience before learning about Roblox, despite a huge interest in computers and video games. After he released Welcome to Bloxburg, the number of players grew very quickly – from around 20 players in the first few days to thousands in the next few weeks.
Eventually, players started sharing their Bloxburg experiences on YouTube and social media. At this point at the latest, the game was a great success. Even five years later, Coeptus is still concentrating entirely on Welcome to Bloxburg – improving the world, working on updates and keeping in touch with the community.

Prison Life

Released in 2014, Prison Life is another hit game that drew thousands of dedicated fans right from the start. The prison-themed game won a Bloxy Award in 2016 for the most simultaneous mobile players. Known as Aesthetical, the developer started his first semester at university in 2017, which meant he couldn’t find much time to continue working on Prison Life for a while. In 2019, however, he announced that he wanted to focus more on developing the game again. Exciting updates can be expected in the coming months.

Flee the Facility

Flee the Facility appeared on Roblox in 2017 and quickly piqued the interest of Roblox players. Players must hide or run away from the beast. The highlight: one of the players is the beast and has to take out the other players.
The refugees must work together to unlock the exits and avoid being killed by The Beast. The game’s developer, MrWindy, is a college student who loves making games. His community is certainly very grateful to him for that.

Super Hero Tycoon

Who doesn’t want to be a superhero? In Super Hero Tycoon, the players put on their cape and become a superhero with its own base that can become extremely large. The developer Hiddo, who developed this game in 2016, comes from the Netherlands and has his own YouTube channel with almost 200,000 subscribers.
There is only one video on the channel, the Super Hero Tycoon Game Trailer. The video now has over a million views, which underscores the game’s popularity and the commitment of the Roblox community.

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