Top 10 National Releases of the Week

This week, the list Top 10 National Releases of the Week Contains names such as the band My funeral, Joao Napoli, Lucas Carlos, Rico Dalasam, Paulo MiklosAmong others.

Check out the weekly releases ending this Friday (13):

1. My funeral – EP Tropicor Hardcol – Universal Music

Photo: Juliana Ramos / The Music Journal

Rio de Janeiro punk rock band My funeral The long-awaited release of the new EP is back Tropicor Hardcol. In addition Four unreleased songsDocumented in the project Rio de Janeiro And a track that has the name of the group and integrates the entire compilation.

2. Lucas Carlos – Young Carlos – Free Voice, by Slap

Photo: We4 Music / Music Journal

Rapper Lucas CarlosOne of the most famous names in rap in Brazil, releasing their debut album Young Carlos By Som Livre, by the way Slap. The album is a celebration of their musical trajectory and a tribute to their influences. Samba, trap, garage And much more. In addition 10 songsThe work is the result of strong team collaboration, with the singer coming to understand the importance of the process of coordination.

The album features guest appearances Lulu Santos And Chris MC

3. Kave – Top in the South – Free voice

Photo: Gabriel Brasil / The Music Journal

In the second release of the year, The Rapper Cave Presents an unreleased single Piao in the south, The dancefloor arrives as a song with classic street essence mixed with modern trap elements. The lyrics talk about tuned cars, nights on the south side Sವo Paulo And all the lust and pretense involved

In that universe.

4. Lagum (with Barbara Tinoco) – I love you – Sony Music

Photo: Sarah Leal / The Music Journal

Band Lagoon Joined Barbara Tinoco And released this week, an alternate version of it I love youIt counts with the special participation of the Portuguese singer Barbara Tinoco. Composed the composition Pedro Calais (Vocal), The boy (Small), George (Guitar) and Zani (Guitar), the track that gained the most romantic tone, is part of the album Memories (I was nowhere)Launched in December 2021.

5. Larry – You didn’t deserve it – Music by LM

Photo: Felipe Alberto / The Music Journal

Young singer Truck Released an unreleased track You didn’t deserve it, Which has empowering content, puts women in the forefront, as well as their different faces and desires. On the track, Truck Mixes rhythms such as R&B It is Hip Hop Ate the footprint of Funk, Bringing another innovator to your career. With a hint of Brazilian mixed with Latin spice, Larry andx exploits your weaknesses in song. As her work progresses, the artist brings out her most intimate face.

6. The Black Race – The World Sings Black Race – Free voice

Photo: Disclosure / Music Journal

Traditional Samba Group The Black race The DVD release begins The World Sings Black Race With diffusion Volume 1 Project filed in the city in March this year Florianopolis (SC) In this first phase, eight songs will be released, with emphasis on unreleased songs The tenantPartnering with Tyree.

7. Paulo Miklos – I know that – Deck

Photo: Disclosure / Music Journal

Five years after his last job, Paulo Miklos Getting ready to release the album No one stays in love. Made during the quarantine imposed by the epidemic, the artist plunged into a world of parallelism and love that is far from the heavy and depressing reality we are going through. As he says: “Music has always been a kind of portal that has managed to transport me to another place.” And this is the gateway to the utopian world single that’s How I Know, which is now available on digital platforms.

7. Purpose and Less More – Listen to God – Sony Music

Photo: Sony Music / The Music Journal

Group For the purpose Joined Fewer ones For track release Ask God, This is part of the new plan Visit 2. The track’s quiet lyrics, highlighted by the group, bring a loving suggestion of asking for divine intervention if the relationship ends. The title is Pun, which also plays with the genre of Pagod. Composed the song Vinicius Poeta, Breno Casagrande And Elon Rubio.

8. Jonas Stretched – Drunk pearls – Free voice

Photo: Deezer / The Music Journal

Continuing the 2022 plans, singer Jonah Stretched Has just announced the release of the third single of the year, the single Kiss drunk. The track is a romantic proposal from artists and, unlike previous releases, registers a romantic Farrow sound.

9. Joao Napoli – Horace Equals / Say You Love Me – Sony Music

Photo: @befazio / Music Journal

Making your dream of living music, Joao Napoli Their series of releases continues and now they make unreleased tracks available Equal Hours and Say You Love MeNow available on digital platforms.

Equal hours The other person always tells the story of Joao living about a frustrated relationship that talks about the same hours. As with many hits, he lost the girl, but won the song, which also won praise Louisa Sonja. “You can say this to someone who has never loved me and never wants to love you. You can fall in love knowing that you can be disappointed in somethingSings the chorus, which has everything to find for many hearts to recognize.

10. Rich Dalasam – 30 weeks – The Nature of Music

Photo: @ Lilo.oliveira / The Music Journal

The singer A rich dallama Her new album Fim Das returns to release new material on Tentativas, which will be available in the market later this year. And as part of this release, the artist will now release the track 30 weeksIt is now available on digital platforms via Seal The Nature of Music.

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