The game addresses the unpleasantness of old age – CEUB news agency

Performance “Memories with Joy and Resistance” Directed by Lucas Sancho is a dramatic drama performed by actresses Fatima Lacerda and Ruth Guimares. The work is on display in the federal district and has presentations until May 1 with free admission.

The game addresses the unpleasantness of old age – CEUB news agency

Performance Memories are joy and resistance Open times at Teatro Sesc Palo Outron (CNB 12 – Special Area 2/3 – Taguatinga Norte), always at 8pm. Admission is free to all spectators.

“Memories with Pleasure and Resistance” tells the story of two veteran actresses, Frida (Fatima Lacerda) and Raquel (Ruth Guimares), who marked the premiere of the play, which the public is already waiting for, but they have not yet created the text. Of the program. For the production of the play, Frida and Raquel resort to the experiences of their own lives and the things they think are important to portray.

“The play addresses a number of issues, such as old age, extremism, sexism, about this new political repression we are experiencing. So she touches on a lot of the themes of these two actresses trying to make the show, ”says Lucas Sancho.

According to actresses and directors, the play is aimed at promoting reflection among young and old. “The play discusses many serious issues and heavy topics, but in a lighter way. To reach the public we want to reach precisely, it reflects the young public and young people.

The play is set in 2019 by actress and director Ruth Guimares and is produced in collaboration with actress and director Fatima Lacerda. The two actresses have just finished a season of “Wellhas Namoradairas”, a story about two elderly women trying to seduce a man and they are looking for another text to address the issue of aging.

“I said, ‘Fatima, how do we recreate the idea of ​​Pirandello, about two old actresses looking for six characters and text in search of authors? She agreed and we started writing,'” Ruth said.

“Six Characters in Search of Authors,” a dramatic performance produced in 1921 by playwright Luigi Pirandello. The work chronicles the dramatic practice of being attacked by six characters. These characters were created in the author’s imagination, but were later ignored. Now, he tries to convince the director of this theatrical workout that his stories deserve to be cast.

He met the directors at the drama festival and, according to Ruth and Fatima, it was “love at first sight.” Ruth Guimares says the idea of ​​calling Lucas Sancho to direct the play came from Fatima. The actresses’ intention was to hire Young Look’s directors so they could have a different perspective on the play.

Lucas Sancho says he was the impetus and organizer of the theatricality and, therefore, would not interfere with the production of the script. And I learned a lot. Basically, I was sitting and listening to both of them. What I can contribute, I have contributed, but I feel I have learned more than them. “

The structure of the show is designed to be practical and functional. I thought of a situation where they could easily move during the play, which was practical. The idea is that, sometimes, you think of something too gigantic, and the piece does not evolve, it ‘dies’ in the city of origin. So I thought it was practical, but also dynamic and intelligent, ”the director said.

The “Memories Calm Prager e Resistencia” premiered in February 2020, one week before the lockdown order, as Covid-19 deteriorates at the Espaco Multicultural Casa dos Quattro in Brazil. As a result, only two presentations were made. “We’ve been approved at some of the festivals that have been canceled due to an epidemic,” says Lucas Sancho.

“In 2022, we were approved at the National Theater Festival in Uba, Minas Gerais. After performing in Uba, we signed up for FAC, a fundraiser supporting culture to broadcast in Brasilia. Fac crossed the festival. So, we are now running a public notice for Fac, which has six of these presentations, four in schools and two here at Teatro Paulo Outron ”, says Lucas Sancho.

Information paper:

Cast: Fatima Lacerda and Ruth Guimares

Screenplay: Ruth Guimares

Drama: Ruth Guimares, Fatima Lacerda and Lucas Sancho

Text fragments by Ricardo Gilherm, Fatima Lacerda, Chico Buvark and Paulo Pontes and Fernanda Young

Direction: Lucas Sancho

Costume and Makeup: The Scenery Group

Lighting: Lucas Sancho

Original song “Avante”: Fatima Lacerda

Soundtrack: Lucas Sancho

Executive Producer: Group

Realization: Double-dose women’s group

Duration: 50 minutes

Service: Show Memories with joy and resistance In modern times there is talk of old age tastes and unpleasantness

Teatro Cesc Paulo Outron (CNB 12 – Special Area 2/3 – Taguatinga Norte) on April 30 and May 1, always at 8 p.m.

Free admission

By Luana Noguera and Larissa Tavares
Supervised by Luiz Claudio Ferreira

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