The Assembly establishes the Consumer and Taxpayer Protection Law Commission

The granted period is for a period of two years, subject to renewal for the same period. [Foto –Davi Valle]

Cuba’s Mayor, Emmanuel Pinheiro, edited Decree 9.083 / 2022 – which ratifies standard notification 032/2022 – that sets out rules and procedures to be adopted to request special cuts during the work of civic servants of the City Hall. Kuyaba with children, spouses or dependents with a disability. The given period is for a period of 2 (two) years, subject to renewal for the same period, after revaluation by the multinational and interstate team. The order will be published in the Monday edition of the Gazeta Municipality (9). It is the first in the state of Kyuba to enact a special service order for servant parents with children with disabilities.

Regulation follows federal law 13,146 / 2,015, which establishes Brazilian law for the inclusion of persons with disabilities (statute of persons with disabilities) and may be a spouse, father, mother or legal guardian of a person with a disability.

A special reduction of 50% (fifty percent) of the workload includes the possibility that a municipal public servant may reduce his workday by half without reducing his salary when he is a spouse, father, mother or disabled person. .

The server’s request must demonstrate the need to change their workload, properly provide a document proving kinship or legal responsibility for a person with disability, along with a document proving disability and requiring special attention. Eligible professionals, for that purpose, will be given a report by the commission designated.

“Management is guided by the respect and concern of the people. Our administration works with dialogue and respect. Establishes standards that the approved normative instruction must meet.

Normative Instruction includes all entities and direct public administration secretaries, municipalities and foundations within Cuba’s Municipal Executive Power, which meet the requirements.

Some documents that prove kinship are required to grant the application. They include: Children: Birth Certificate with minor or professional identity; To husband / wife: marriage certificate, stable union;

Legal custodians must present a document governing custody / curatella, guardianship: temporary or decisive. Documents proving disability and the need for special attention include the medical report with CID and the name of the caregiver who accompanies / cares for the person; Declaration of treatment signed by health professionals (physiotherapy, psychology, speech therapy, occupational therapy, among others).

In order to provide a change in the workload, the working period established in specific laws must be observed at the municipal level of each profession.

The 50% (fifty percent) reduction does not apply to servers that are subject to a workload of 20 (twenty) hours per week, and they may benefit from a limited reduction of 15 (fifteen) hours per week.

Effective civil servants with a workload of less than or less than fifteen hours per week will not receive a discount on working hours; For effective civil servants when investing in a commission and / or trust position, and for municipal civil servants appointed under the rules of art. 37 of the Constitution of the Republic, IX.

In the event of a request being rejected or rejected, the technical integration of Functional Monitoring should notify the server and attach the evidence in the respective process. After data entry, the process goes to the file on the server’s dossier. In the case of benefit redefinition and extension, the server must request it according to art. 10, has been properly updated to prove the continuity of reliance with the presentation of the aforementioned documents, under the denial of the request and the special reduction suspension sentence on the workload.

The benefit claim terminates with death or its extinction, the second for any reason relating to the dependency relationship, under the penalty of opening an administrative procedure to investigate the facts that need to be addressed immediately, the required action of the case and the subsequent sentence. .

This standard notice must be updated when corporate, legal, or technical factors are required, reviewing its adequacy for manual requirements for preparing standards (SCI Standard Notice No. 001 / 2.010), as well as continuously improving the process.

This standard notice shall take effect from the date of its publication.

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