The 10 Most High-Tech Vehicles On The Road Today

It seems that people are always talking about cars of the future and what automobiles will be like in a few years. We go on about self-driving, electric, and even flying cars. But the truth is that there are plenty of advanced, super high-tech vehicles already available today. Many cars on the road right now feature an array of impressive technology, gadgets, and gizmos. For people who love technology and are early adopters, there are plenty of options available. While they may not fly (yet), here’s a look at the 10 most advanced or high-tech vehicles available in today’s marketplace, and the technology that makes them standout.

GMC Sierra Denali 1500r

Most people don’t think about technology when they consider a pick-up truck. They think about towing ability, shock absorbers, tire treads, and a durable body. But many pick-up trucks today are as technologically advanced as any other vehicle. Case in point is the GMC Sierra Denali. Cool features to be found on this model of pick-up truck include a wireless charging pad, collision warnings, and automatic high-beam lights for night driving. The vehicle also comes tricked out with a Bose sound system that uses active noise-cancellation to keep the cabin comfortably quiet. And there is even a special haptic vibration system built-in that tells the driver when the truck is straying too far to the left or right. This is all impressive stuff, and at a starting price of just over $50,000, the GMC Sierra Denali is not that much more expensive than other, less sophisticated, pick-up trucks.

Volvo S90r

Volvo claims that its S90 sedan is loaded with more technology than any other vehicle on the road right now. We’re not entirely sure if that’s true, but the S90 certainly makes a convincing case for being one of the most advanced cars you can purchase today. The safety features on this car alone are extremely impressive, with pedestrian, cyclist, and animal detection systems, as well as an auto braking feature that remains active up to 80 miles per hour and road edge detection. There’s also parking assist and headlights that automatically bend to illuminate curves in the road at night. Of course, the S90 also has plenty of fun technology too, notably a nine inch touch screen connected car system with Bluetooth for connecting all your devices and generally feeling that you control the universe. Starting price is just under $47,000.

BMW 5 Seriesr

BMW claims that its 5 Series is their most technologically advanced cars to date. That’s an impressive boast that the carmaker is able to back-up. Gear heads and gadget freaks will totally geek out over the 5 Series. The gesture-recognition touch screen system (just wave your hand over the screen) that is supported by Apple Car Play is cool enough. But there are also several James Bond-type features in these cars that are truly mind blowing – most impressive being the fact that you can park the car perpendicularly while standing outside of the vehicle by using the key fob as a remote control. (We kid you not). There’s also a 360 degree camera view that you can see on your smartphone, and you can give the car voice activated commands from inside your house by speaking into the key fob – literally telling the car when to start or shut down, as well as to unlock the doors. Pretty impressive stuff.

Honda Odysseyr

Minivans may never be sexy, but they sure are becoming smart. In the latest version of its Odyssey, Honda has infused the trusted minivan with plenty of technology designed to make the family vehicle both super smart and highly efficient. There is now an interior ceiling camera that allows the driver to see a 360 degree view of what’s happening in the back of the car – day or night thanks to night vision display. The driver can also use a microphone to speak to the passengers in the minivan through the stereo speakers and even the passenger’s wireless headphones. In the back of the Odyssey, kids can use a smartphone app to do everything from check the progress of their trip via a GPS displayed on a 10 inch monitor to adjust the heating and air conditioning, and even launch playlists and cue up movies. All this plus state-of-the-art safety features such as lane departure warning systems and pedestrian detection make the Odyssey the thinking man’s minivan. Priced at $45,000.

Audi A4r

The Audi A4 has always been a sweet ride. But the latest version of this luxury car has plenty of technology to recommend it, including collision warning and auto braking that are now standard features, as well as an Android Auto supported entertainment system and what’s being called a “virtual cockpit,” that uses a 12-inch display screen to show drivers a wide array of entertainment features and helpful information – from song choices to traffic alerts and 3D Google Earth graphics. This puts all the information a driver needs right at their fingertips and ensures that they are able to get where they are going in style. For people who are not fond of Android Auto, Apple Car Play is another option with the latest Audi A4. At a starting price of $48,500, how can you go wrong?

Mercedes Benz S-Class Convertibler

People who have a bit more money to spend on their vehicle may want to consider the Mercedes Benz S-Class Convertible. Not only does the convertible S-Class come with all the style and coolness one would expect from this car, but it also features some truly high-tech safety features. Take, for example, the roll bars on this convertible. They are invisible until there is an accident, in which case they deploy automatically in a split second. If that doesn’t impress you, there is also a night vision system, lane departure warning system, and even a cross-traffic detection system – all standard in this model. Clearly the engineers at Mercedes want to ensure that people who purchase the S-Class Convertible are extremely safe, as well as the envy of all their friends and family members. This vehicle is a little pricier at $132,000, but can you really put a price on safety? Or automatically deploying roll bars for that matter?

Corvette Stingrayr

If any vehicle is going to be outfitted with a GoPro video camera, it’ll be the Corvette Stingray, right? I mean what other car would have an action cam in it? And that is just one of the many cool technologies to be found in today’s Corvette Stingray. The GoPro camera enables drivers to record video and data of their drives, and includes multiple settings for both doing laps on a track and driving for fun on roads and highways. With 720 horsepower under the hood, there is seemingly no end to the fun to be had with this car and that camera recording capability. There is also an eight inch display screen that can be used for entertaining oneself with Apple Car Play, as well as controlling everything inside the vehicle – from adjusting the temperature to the seat you’re in. Corvette Stingrays have always been fun to drive, now they’re even better. And it can be yours for $56,000.

Rolls-Royce Wraithr

The Rolls-Royce Wraith costs nearly $400,000 to purchase. And only about half that cost is for the car’s chic name brand. The rest of the cost reflects the truly advanced technology to be found in the Wraith, specifically the unique satellite-assisted transmission, which uses topographic information gleaned from satellites to see what’s ahead before the driver does and then automatically shifts the car’s gears for smooth mountain climbs and easy descents. Using the same satellite technology, the car can also tell you when it will rain (before it actually starts) and warn you if ice is likely to form on the roads in the coming hours. This type of technology is taking the concept of the smart car to the next level by enabling your car to predict road and weather conditions before the driver is aware and make automatic adjustments to keep folks in the vehicle safe and comfortable. Cool… and a little intimidating too.

Ford Mustangr

As revealed at auto shows recently, the latest model of the Ford Mustang infuses the classic American muscle car with some truly impressive technology – more technology, in fact, than has ever been found in muscle cars before. Recognizing a need to modernize its classic car, Ford has outfitted the Mustang with a 12-inch display screen that not only enables the driver to make adjustments to the vehicle’s drive settings, but it also memorizes those preferred settings – right down to how you like the car’s suspension. Today’s Mustang also boasts voice command technology and many new safety features such as distance warnings and lane departure technology. And, the current Mustang also has a brand new 10 speed automatic transmission that smooths the ride and is scary fast. A bargain at just over $40,000.

Tesla Model Sr

If you love technology and have $145,000 to spend on a car, than we would highly recommend the Tesla Model S, specifically the P100D version. This is the leading electric car on the market today. Not only can this Tesla go from 0 to 60 in less than three seconds, but it is also a leading semi-autonomous vehicle, crammed with so much technology it’ll make your head spin. The latest Tesla Model S has revamped the hardware and software for its nifty autopilot feature, and a Nvidia-based machine learning system backs up a new array of eight video cameras, 12 short-range ultrasonic sensors, and a forward-facing radar. The latest software update limits the semi-auto driving mode to a maximum speed of 45 miles per hour and will slow down the car if it detects that your hands are not on the steering wheel. All of this technology makes the Tesla Model S arguably the most advanced car on the road today. It is certainly the most advanced electric car, and also the most advanced semi-autonomous driving cars so far.

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