Opinion | How love is maintained between gay men

I propose an effective alliance between people. If we stop looking, we will see how amazing the way to build and establish affection, and if at some point we think “love doesn’t cross gender standards,” we’ll give up. There is nothing worse than that. Especially when affection is not just a matter of appearance; That … Read more

Transgender Children: Some Change Their Minds After 5 Years – 05/05/2022 – Balance

Young children transitioning to the new gender with social change – taking on new names, pronouns, haircuts and clothes – can continue to identify with that gender five years later, according to a report published Wednesday. , The first study of its kind. The data comes from the Trans Youth Project, a well-known initiative that … Read more

“My child broke the silence and we had to free ourselves”, says the mother of a son who declared himself trans at the age of 11 – Kresser Magazine | Education

+ Professor Laura Ribeiro da Silvera, 46, Victoria, Espirito Santo and her husband Glauber have been married for four years and had an “organized” professional life when they decided it was time to have children. “At the time, we had no expectations about the sex of the baby, but we chose names for both, and … Read more

Chamber approves end of spouse consent for sterilization – 03/08/2022 – Daily Life

The Chamber of Deputies approved a plan to terminate the need for express authority from a spouse to be sterilized on Tuesday (8). The text is approved in a symbolic vote and goes to the Senate. The bill changes the law governing the paragraph of the constitution on family planning. It adds a provision to … Read more