Secretary of State says children and teenagers are the most victims of violations in Brazil

05/10/2022 – 14:40

Zika Ribeiro / Chamber of Deputies

Leandre considers the priority given to LDO for early childhood as a victory

Mauricio Cunha, national secretary for children and adolescent rights, reports that there are more than 100,000 human rights violations against children and adolescents on Dial 100 in 2021 – a figure from the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights. Accepts complaints of human rights violations.

“Unfortunately, the public suffers more violence than other vulnerable groups. In Brazil, there are more rights violations. There are more than 180 complaints of abuse against women.

The statement was made during a debate on “Fighting Violence in Childhood”, which was co-sponsored by the Women’s Ministry of the Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday (10). Parliamentary Front A blend of early childhood. This is part of the campaign of Mayo Laranjana, a campaign month to combat abuse and sexual exploitation of children and teens.

The secretary also noted that fewer cases were reported. According to him, some authors estimate that not more than 20 complaints have been issued for each complaint. On May 18, the National Day for the Prevention of Sexual Violence and Exploitation of Children and Adolescents, the ministry will launch a national plan to combat violence against children and adolescents. According to him, until then, Brazil had only a plan to combat sexual harassment of children and adolescents, and the new scheme also included sexual abuse and sexual exploitation, as well as physical, psychological and institutional violence.

The project provides guidance and guidance to states, municipalities and civil society organizations, and brings together stakeholders and stakeholders for action, indicators to measure outcomes.

Zika Ribeiro / Chamber of Deputies

Erica Kokai advocates reviewing the allocation of childhood resources

Management Budget
Deputy Erica Cocke (PT-DF) considers it important to monitor the Early Childhood Budget to find out how much is actually assigned to policies for this age group. Additionally, he advocated developing a childhood-specific plan with indicators to serve as a parameter for states and municipalities as a national education plan.

Visual Composer Parliamentary Front Early in its infancy, Deputy Leandre (PSD-PR) reported that the working group was dedicated to building markers for early childhood investments in the ministries budget. They regard the priority given in the Budget Guidelines as a victory (I do) For early childhood, it is free [[g contingenciamento]]. He said the government had already been sent a notice for a description of the childhood plans, and he informed, the government has already confirmed the project’s expansion, which will be sent for MPs’ analysis.

As deputy pointed out, there is no protection or voice for the victims of violence and the violence puts their present and future at risk. “This child who does not receive help early in life has a tendency to perform poorly in school, drop out of school, be vulnerable to crime and drugs, have difficulty entering the job market and become more and more dependent. Over the state ”, he evaluated.

Leandre suggested that this type of violence happens most of the time in the home, where the child must be protected. He noted that in the epidemic, the condition has worsened, with children being isolated at home with the aggressor. According to the deputy, new forms of violence are still emerging through social networking sites, especially child pornography. Additionally, he drew attention to another type of violence that affects Brazilian children: hunger.

“The appetite is that the Brazilian and Brazilian children will once again become victims of our country. This is another form of abuse on our children, which worries us and has forced the actors in the defense network to work on this issue, which has a very negative impact on the future of children. ”

Report – Laura Haje
Editing – Georgia Moraes

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