Plunge straight into Magal’s love story from the set

Singer Sidney Muggle’s featurette has yet to premiere, but it shows the artist’s journey, which has been transformed

Visit the filming set of My blood will boil for youSinger Sidney Muggle’s biopic was different.

After all, on the stage of the Galleria Olido Theater, about 140 extras gathered to record the final scene of the film, which has no release date yet. In other words: not everything seen is shared, because it is a spoiler.

Spoiler? A weird word to talk about one of the country’s most famous musicians. However, it can be said that the journey of 71-year-old Sidney Muggle has transformed into a love story he loves most.

The 1970s and 1980s featured men and women who were enchanted (and fell in love) with glitches, sequins and unique hip movements. Philippe Braganca transforms everything into a wig by transforming into a mage.

The drag of the narrative, however, is not the singer’s traditional journey, but the relationship of Sydney and Magali, who have already completed 40 years of marriage. “I like to tell hidden stories of well-known idols,” says Paulo Matchline, director from Trinta E. Peele. “I give Magal’s best hits, but I also give a love story unknown to the general public.”

At the scene of the report, Mughal and Ma are quarreling together. Among them, there is a cynical businessman with an Argentine accent and played by Caco Siocler, who does not want to know about it. If you know what suits Muggle, what’s the fan’s passion? “You only sing in the steakhouses,” the businessman exclaims during the scene. All of this is really lived by Sydney, who, along with biopic, remembers his life in two other audiovisual projects.

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The first cinema

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The first, expected to come off the ground in 2022, is a documentary celebrating Muggle, talking about his life, personal and professional and how he brought together fans. It’s a celebratory film. Then, this novel, with no premiere date yet, but with almost complete filming. The other, a mix of both fiction and documentary, is a series for Disney + that should go even deeper into the life of Sidney Magalhaes – the real name of hit singer Sandra Rosa Madalena. Producer and filmmaker Jonah Mariani, who directed the documentary, hosts all the projects about the artist.

How to portray and honor Muggle in life? “The artist usually shows his artist side, but I’ve got an audience that really likes me. My life, not just my music,” says Sydney, backstage at the movie set. “Doing it in life is very exciting. All this is happening now while I’m in the process. There are three emotions that come with it: first, I wonder if I deserve it, then I look back and look at my story, and finally, I look forward to the outcome.

Behind the scenes, it’s clear how actors Philippe Braganca (Cinderella Pop) and Giovana Cordero (Pantanal) understood each other and the power and complexity of the relationship between the two. He looks out of the time capsule, he’s very similar – the sound strikes the exact same tone. She passes Magali’s energy and passion.

Philippe entered the 45th minute of the second half with Jose Loretto having to refuse the role of captain after a long preparation. Despite the rush, it worked. “The challenge of playing someone who is or does not exist is great. Mughal is very important to be alive. We have already met and exchanged a lot. We have discovered a great deal about who Sydney Mughals is and who Sydney Mughals are.

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Giovanna, meanwhile, has been with the project since 2018 when she auditioned for the role. “I did a lot of research on the daughter, I examined many things, I imagined a lot about her, what her stories are,” the actress observes.

If the daughter, daughter, and past tense, remembering her stories and achievements, it is clear how happy she is with this representation in cinema. “It is necessary to leave the beautiful story of an artist who has lived a loving, family, and ordinary life. I find it very exciting, ”adds Magali Magalhase.

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“He showed me the freedom I wanted as a child,” says Emmanuel Araujo

Because this love story is the thread that makes my blood boil for you, you can’t escape the tones of the film’s fables. And it also influences the secondary characters, especially the businessman played by Coco Ciocler and Magali’s mother, played by Emmanuel Araujo, who is against the couple’s passion.

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“He is a great Argentine villain, with a harsh accent. The story between Mughal and this businessman is serious, but they don’t talk about it.

Araujo stars as a mother who does not acknowledge or understand her daughter’s relationship with an artist like Magal. Announced fan, actress Domingo Do Faustao has performed as a muggle, ensuring that her childhood dream is actually to be a singer.

“Mughal, at that time, caused women, men and children to die in love with him. I think this is the spirit of liberation. He came up with all of his pop art, Brazilianness, and I came up with the independence I wanted as a child, ”he says.

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