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German playwright Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956) may have a point when he refers to the unhappiness of nations that need heroes, but for humanity and the flesh and blood people who create it, alas, simple human beings, narrow spirits, who give their lives for others, in the name of the cause they believe in, or the poet Dylan As Thomas (1914-1953) says in “If In My Office or Civic Art,” the simple salary paid by his secret heart, after all, is what real-life heroes must eat, they are sick from time to time, they have mortgages to pay off. In many cases, these people take unimaginable bravery to the general public, leaving their homes, their families, their children and sometimes they do not return. Their efforts are recognized in public ceremonies, they have become street names in suburban megalopolis around the world, somebody tears at them, but they never return. It is necessary to have other heroes; These will resume the cycle started by those who came first, break new ways and the same fate awaits them.

Pictures of the tragedy made much profit with the release of “Men of Courage” in 2017 four years later. This subversive by nature contains rich discussions about morality, a sense of humanity, and a poor love of neighbor in a world taken away by indifference, irresponsibility and assassination. But what is the benefit of gaining the world and losing your soul as the apostle Mark asks in his gospel? Those who swim against the flood or dare to protect a child drowning, when they see a wall of fire, do not run in the opposite direction to defend themselves, but with a reduced instinct of realism, cowardice or survival – but in the burning jungle. Director Joseph Kosinski expresses a complete mastery of his story, but the technical resources used in most of the film’s scenes are surprisingly believable thanks to the bold photography of Chilean Claudio Miranda.

The “Hommens de Courage” focuses on the daily life of the Arizona firefighters team, which is committed to earning a hotshot certificate, and professionals are eligible to fight fires in the loco, using only firebrakes, a technique that defines the fire line in millimeters. Until they get there and become the first elite municipal squad in the United States, Eric Marsh, head of the team and his leader Josh Brolin in Midwestern Arizona, Prescott, is pleased to follow. Battalions already approved, go into the woods with more precise ideas of where they are heading and, therefore, know what mechanisms to prevent if a fire breaks out without previous warning. Jeff Bridges’s effective participation, the veteran Duane Steinbrink, is the godfather of the class and is responsible for providing all the guidance he can to Marsh’s men to improve the performance of the group, but he also interferes with Ralph Alderman’s character evaluator, Hayes.

The steady companionship admiration of Eric Warren Singer and Ken Nolan’s script is even more pronounced with the entry of Brendan McDonough, the victim of the typical ups and downs of drug addiction. Upon learning that he is going to be a father, something suddenly dawns on McDonough and he decides to change his life. Miles Teller’s interpretation – which is impressively accurate in raising emotions when needed, but also in the role of a wounded beast – adds further meaning to the periodic narrative, in which firefighters are subjected to constant stress situations with which they feel they can reasonably do so. When many men gather, it clears the air with distinctive sounds that come out of their mouths. This is just McDonough, the weakest of them all, opposed to the most severe blow he can take, in Peloton’s first big challenge after properly registering it as official hotshots.

When everything is going exceptionally well, especially in the stories of the occasion, there comes a moment when the spectator begins to accept the wonders about his instinct and the published hecatomb. I was directly aware of the misfortune of the Prescott firefighters, and it was hard to believe what my eyes were in tears-eyes. Another of those plots in which life writes to perfection, “Courageous Men,” at the same time, is carried to an end with moving and inspiring decor. Anyone who has not touched the play of lost men will have the pretense of watching a movie for its technical quality. But it is getting very hard for me.

Movie: Brave men
Direction: Joseph Kosinski
Year: 2017
Gender: Drama
NOTE: 10

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