Niterói will promote and support projects for children and teens | Niterioi

The municipality of Niterರೊi launched the Leo Solidario Campaign in partnership with the Municipal Council for the Rights of the Child and Adolescent (CMCDA) through the Municipal Secretariat of Social Assistance and Solidarity Economy (SMASES).

The campaign aims to encourage the donation of a portion of the Income Tax to the Child and Adolescent Fund (FIA), which can be deducted directly in the Declaration through a Federal Revenue Collection Document (DARF) payment. The move was aired live on City Hall’s social media by Mayor Axel Grail. In the same Live, Social Assistance and Solidarity Economy Secretary Elton Teixeira reports that the recharge of the Moeda Social Araribio program cards will take place this Wednesday (11/5).

Regarding the Solidarity Lion campaign, Mayor Axel Grail said donations can be made by individuals and legal entities. “You can make a direct donation, which is important to help children and adolescents with social programs in Niterio. Legal entities may also make donations. This program is a way to directly help children and teens in the city. ”Axel Grail explained that legal entities can donate up to 1% of the assessed tax, while individuals can donate up to 6% of the tax payable.

Elton Teixeira, Secretary of the Social Aid and Solidarity Economy, said that by allocating resources to the Child and Adolescent Fund, citizens and companies have the opportunity to drive citizens’ social participation because the amount donated is used to guarantee children’s rights. Teenagers.

“The proceeds go directly to the FIA, which provides measures to target children and adolescents in the municipality. Said the secretary.

Donations are legally supported by the Child and Adolescent Law (ECA). To make a donation, it’s simple: In the IRPF 2022 program, access the “Declaration Summary – Donation” tab. Go to the “Donation Directory Declaration – ECA” and click “New” (at the bottom of the screen). Then, check out the options: Fundo Municipal, Estado RJ and Niterio Municipality as the destination and define the donation amount. Go to the “Print – DARF – Direct Donation” tab and create a DARF (Federal Revenue Collection Document) for donations.

Vaccine – Niteroi Health Undersecretary, Camilla Franco explained that the fourth dose of the Kovid-19 vaccine (the second booster dose) is still available for use. People over the age of 60 will be able to vaccinate this Thursday (12). Children and teens can now take a second dose. The vaccine is available in four polyclinics in the city: Sergio Aroca, Barreto, Itaipu and Carlos Antonio da Silva in Sೊo Lourenಂಕo.

“Older people aged 60 years and older are able to get the flu and measles vaccine in all municipal units and polyclinics. There is no need to wait for the vaccine and flu flu vaccine.

Construction – Paulo Caesar Carrera, president of the Municipal Housing, Urbanization and Sanitation Company (Emusa), celebrated the beginning of the restoration of Ilha da Boa Viaghem, among the various works being carried out in all areas of the municipality. It was closed for decades.

“We are working with the National Historical and Artistic Heritage (Ifan) to approve a project for the restoration of equipment on our island. The Castle (headquarters of the Scouts), Nossa Senhora da Boa Wighem Chapel and Fortim will be fully restored. The works are expected to be completed by March 2023, ”the Emusa president concluded.


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