Myra continues to publish after the PA refuses to gift her son

In addition to announcing the diet plan of “BBB 22” champion Arthur Aguiar, influential Myra Cardi first spoke about athlete Paulo Andre, the runner-up of reality TV Globo, who declined a gift in the decorated room. To your son. She says she respects the decision, but the ex-brother has not contacted her and has classified this gesture as a ‘silly ego’.

“I saw an article saying that PA should be very grateful to him for gifts, but he doesn’t accept it because he doesn’t need it and now he already has his money. He thanked it very much and was very grateful, thankful, he was inwardly, because he never told me that. , They never thanked me ”, Myra Cardi started off with a series of videos on Instagram stories.

It was good because I did nothing to thank him. I did it from the heart and this is it. Those who follow me on social media know that I love giving gifts to people. I give when I can, and when I don’t. You don’t know many things because I don’t show up, but I give you an apartment, a house, a car, a motorcycle. I don’t do it for someone else, I do it because it makes me happy to see that people are happy.
Myra Cardi

Thanks to the care of Arthur Aguirre after the false wall came back, Prabhi decided to gift Palo Andre’s son a decorated living room. Along with being “screwed” by a former BBB manager – she revealed that she has never had contact with the athlete’s family, saying she sees the rejection as ‘silly ego’.

“I see him talking a lot about his son, how important he is to give things to his son, and I want to give everything to him as a mother. As a mother, I know the importance of a baby stroller, car seat. Eat, full room. I insisted a lot, we tried to talk to his family a million times, we talked to the businessman several times, he was mocking us for sending a poor thing, contact, and he apologized every hour. I couldn’t deliver the goods ”, he said.

I gave it a long time ago when I didn’t know I was going to the final. Since then, it has become clear that I will not be able to because I have been trying and saying that he does not want to. That’s right, I respect that, but I think it’s an insult to a child who isn’t even related. As a mother, I love to receive things, regardless of whether I have money or not, because I love to receive them because it is great when our son receives a gift. My daughter will be able to accept the gift and I will not accept it because she shows such sensitivity on my part, silly pride, unnecessary pride. It has nothing to do with whether I have money or not.
Myra Cardi

In the “Big Brother Brasil 22” runner-up, Arthur Aguirre apologized if his wife caused any discomfort. “I’m sorry, PA. I never imagined you would be offended because I gave it to you with my heart. As a mother, I would never be offended. So much so, my friends give things to my daughter, and I’m grateful. I’m happy. He who makes my daughter happy with gratitude makes me happy. Anyway, that’s all, “he declared.

Myra Cardi ended her show by recalling that she would never stop following Paulo Andre on social media. Arthur Aguirre’s wife says she admires an Olympic athlete.

It was my idea to respect, but I respect that you do not want to and you have stopped following me, no matter and I will follow you because I admire you. I don’t know why you stopped following me, but that’s okay, you don’t have to. I hold my heart in peace.
Myra Cardi

Paulo Andre’s denial

After Myra Cardi’s rejection of her gift was leaked, Palo Andre released a note to Instagram Gossip Du Dia, explaining that her son needed nothing.

I thought it was a beautiful act, really a lot of children need it. And that’s why I couldn’t accept it. I joined the BBB to give my family a better life, but thank God they never lacked anything, even Pejinho. This room is valid for those who cannot afford it and who really need it. It would be fair. But in a nutshell, even though we knew we didn’t need it and many families couldn’t agree to it… we still had nothing to say with them.
Paulo Andre

What are the gifts?

Myra Cardi said she would gift a fully refurbished living room to the athlete’s son. Among other things, he gave a new decor in partnership with the influential Thais Andriata.

“I decided to give you a baby stroller, a highchair to eat, a car seat,” she said in videos shared on Instagram Stories.

“There is no price for love, there is no price for love, but there is a price for friendship, but I’m like, ‘I’m a grateful person and everyone who does something for me, how can I repay. I want to give and it comes from the heart,'” the weight loss coach added.

Myra decided to give the gift because of Paulo Andre’s reaction to Arthur returning home after the false wall. The winner of the edition was in the secret room for 36 hours.

“It filled my heart in a way … it was so good and, frankly, in that moment when Arthur felt insecure, it was priceless to accept this love, this lap.”

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