Motherhood: The Feminine Gift

“But you have to have strength. You have to have a race. You always have to have the will. Who makes the mark on the body, Maria, Maria, mixes pain and happiness.”

I begin my text by paraphrasing this beautiful song by Milton Nascimento, as it tells me a lot about motherhood. It is so powerful and so sensitive that it is capable of producing, nurturing, giving birth, caring, guiding, nurturing and loving another creature that carries its part.

I still remember Mother’s Day presentation at the Collegio Sevigne Gym in Puerto Alegre. The teachers there dressed us as angels and we sang this song for our dear mothers.

I remember the tears in my mother’s eyes, which revealed a mixture of joy and pain. Although very young, I enjoyed the opportunity and stayed. At the time, I was too young to understand, but I know, today I understand. Being a mother is not always easy, especially when we are raising children alone.

I followed the “genetic curse”, I didn’t choose a “good father” and today I raise two children, basically alone. I am, my mother and a significant part of the world lol

“Stories, our stories, the days of struggle, the glory days,” I paraphrase again, because I think such rhymes sum up the mother’s experience.

I soon became a mother, I was only 20 when my daughter was born. And despite the apocalypse predictions, I’m “done” with my life. As a mother I built everything I have today, when Reyna was born, I was born too!

I remember the fears and insecurities I had, which pushed me to follow and fight to become someone. There were sleepless nights on the eve of the exam in journalism school. She was attending classes, thanks to the teachers ’satisfaction and generosity, I had no one to leave her. “But it needs strength …”

Today, she goes to college on the same campus, where she goes with me to the morning classes, always in pink and in her hair with various ornaments.

Years later, at a journalist’s party, a man recognized me: “Alas, you’re going to college with your daughter. I remember you holding your hand.

As soon as I graduated, with a lot of determination and concern, I tried to work in television, which was my big dream, but I got pregnant again. The sense of guilt that was all the rage with my little baby made me dream and dedicate my life to my son.

Unlike the first childbirth, the second was cesarean, and due to the mistake of the anesthesiologist, I was almost dead. Eight years later, from the first pregnancy, Pietro was born. And many other challenges with it. Courage to end an unsupported, meaningless “marriage”. Always focus on the future, and not mine, but theirs. I decided to walk alone, because “walking alone rather than bad companionship” …

Today I have a lot of gratitude to the universe for being an early mother. I got a good companion, who at that moment thanked me with a basket of chocolates and all the fighting so far and surprised me with a message of recognition. “One of my biggest hopes is to be able to give back to you all the day-to-day efforts you put into my training.”

Ps: The surprise is tomorrow, “Official Mother’s Day”, though every day is ours … but the janitor’s …

And more and more each day, every year passes, I understand more and more the gift of motherhood inherent to being feminine, regardless of race and ethnicity.

As a mother, to be able to overcome pain, to give life. Be strong to fight and keep up. Lap, grace, love

I want to congratulate all women, all mothers. Sacred portals are resilient, strong, sensible, beings who give birth and love to those who have never stopped their divine extensions in this dimension. Love is unconditional.

“But you have to be clever, you have to be funny, you always have to dream, this brand is on the skin of the wearer.

Francine Marquez is a reporter for Diario do Poder and a graduate in political science

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