Messages from mother to dead son have been jammed on social networking sites

Pedro died of cancer in 2019 at the age of 43

Pedro died of cancer in 2019 at the age of 43

Photo: Personal Archive / BBC News Brazil

“My son, my dear, I cannot sleep without saying that your brother is here. He’s fine. I wanted to know if you were fine. (06/2).

The message, as well as others she writes every day, is directed to the publication of the profile of her eldest son Pedro Gamma the same day.

The boy died in 2019. Asunko, however, kept the routine: responding to all the messages Pedro shared on his profile every day.

The story of the mother and son took effect on Thursday (10/2). The post on the case has garnered over 13,000 likes and 500 shares on Twitter.

Messages to Asuncio’s son have evacuated several people in the family’s home country, Portugal and Brazil.

On networks, she thanked the love she had begun to receive. The 69-year-old pensioner wrote on her Twitter profile, “There are so many supporters and I’m happy to know we can still believe in love.”


Pedro was a civil servant in Braga, Portugal, who traveled around the world and loved to learn about different cultures. Friends described him as a cheerful and supportive person.

Assunção tells BBC News that from an early age, he never accepted common or abnormal words to classify people. Brazil.

Pedro and Asunco: Mothers say messages on social media can help her cope with the loss of her first child

Pedro and Asunco: Mothers say messages on social media can help her cope with the loss of her first child

Photo: Personal Archive / BBC News Brazil

The boy was helping his mother with various technologies. For example, he taught Asuncion how to use Twitter.

Pedro’s younger brother recalls, “He was very active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Pedro saw in social media precisely the opportunity to continue to be active even after he died. On Twitter, he turned to the bot (robot) to schedule daily announcements of emojis. “He is[ಅವನ ಮರಣದ ನಂತರ]I believe he did it knowing he would keep posting things, ”his brother says.

Pedro died of colon cancer (large bowel) at age 43. He was diagnosed with the disease in 2018. About a year later, the condition worsened.

On social media, his profile continues to share daily posts with cable car emojis.

The statistical selection for these publications can be explained by the Pedro Post on Twitter in November 2018. At the time, he made an announcement with these emojis to regret the profile’s mention of being underused in the social network. “Less used emojis can’t be a transportation tool! Fight for what’s right,” he wrote.

While living with the pain of longing for his first child, Asunko saw posts assigned to his profile and began interacting with him. There he began to share the news, the details of the family’s daily life and the love for his son never ceased.

“I love you and you know I will never stop loving you. My memory may be reduced to zero, but you will always be in my heart. There was no news with us yesterday.

A retired teacher communicates with her son's profile

A retired teacher communicates with her son’s profile

Photo: Reproduction / Twitter / BBC News Brazil

According to Assunção, these publications became a way to “clear” with Pedro. “To ease my pain and not being able to talk to her at home because of my husband, I took advantage of her Twitter page, where she made an automatic tweet,” she posted on social media this Friday (11/2)

This attitude, the mother believes, helps to deal with the pain of homework and makes Pedro feel closer to him.


Some people used to share her posts or communicate with her on her baby profile self posts. She admits she never thought that “except for close friends, conversations are invented.”

On Thursday, the mother’s interaction with her son’s profile was shared on Twitter with 2,900 followers and has had unexpected consequences as many have shared it.

“Someone found one of my conversations yesterday, moved, retweeted and the wave of solidarity is so great that it’s not over.”

Several stocks surprised Asunco and his now-44-year-old son. Retirement began to receive a number of support messages.

“Assunção, how beautiful your love is. It is permanent. Sending a lot of good energy in Brazil”, one person typed. “When I read it, it always breaks my heart. I see in your words the love you have for yourself and for others. No one in this world is ready to lose a child,” another wrote.

For Assunção, her messages for her son’s profile helped “awaken the hearts of many children to the great love of the mother.”

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