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We were close Mothers dayAnd in our Catholic faith, We have a reference to the Virgin Mary MotherhoodIn this In 431 the Council of Ephesus was officially declared – by doctrine (the truth of faith) – the Mother of God, For conceiving the Son of God, Jesus, in her womb.

In addition to this fact, Other women who were mothers, And in various stages of life they sought the fullness of God’s love, Received sanctity.

Papa Boys – Italy
Papa Boys - Italy

Santa Gianna

Gianna Beretta Molla was born on October 4, 1922 in Magenta, Milan, Italy.

Through personal prayer, Gianna chose her wedding profession and on September 24, 1955The engineer marries Pietro Molla and becomes the mother of four children.

During the pregnancy of her fourth child, Gianna had a fibroid in her womb and she prayed hard to save the life in her womb and had surgery to recover.

A few days before delivery, Always with great confidence in ProvidenceReady to sacrifice her life to save her son:

“If you have to decide between me and son, there is no hesitation:
Pick it up, and I demand this from a child. Save her..

Jonah was born on April 21, 1962, but on April 28, Amidst severe pain, Gianna had a holy death at the age of 39.

Two miracles proved in Brazil caused Gianna to be canonized by Pope John Paul II on May 15, 2004.

Lucia Cirillo, in Marenhao, cured problems with her reproductive system in 1977 after giving birth to her fourth child. And a couple in France, in the countryside There are Paul, Her daughter (in her fourth pregnancy) did not want to have an abortion, despite a membrane rupture that saved the fetus life With amniotic fluid, she prayed to the saint, and the girl was born healthy and baptized as Gianna.

The Augustinians
The Augustinians

Santa Monica

Monica was born in AlgeriaAt 332. Married at age 17 The PatriotWho had Violent natureBut Monica’s prayer and witness led him to convert.

The couple had three children. One of them would later become St. Augustine, the Church of the Doctor. He is a tough son, vanity and full The Christian faith that the mother asserts is contrary.

Monica prayed for her son’s conversion for 30 years, So Augustine converted and asked for baptism. He identifies this with one of his most recognizable works Confessions:

“He gave me a temporary life according to the flesh, and
By heart, He gave birth to eternal life to me.

Santos Beatos website
Santos Beatos website

Santa Zelia Guerin

She and her husband Louis Martin, parents of Santa Teresinha do Menino Jesus, In 2015, Pope Francis was the first couple in the history of the church to canonize the same event.

Zelia was born in 1831 in FranceAnd in his youth he tried to enter religious life Monastery of St. Vincent de Paul’s Daughters of CharityBut that was not accepted, because God designed another profession.

Three months after meeting Louise and falling in love, the two were married on July 13, 1858 and had nine children, four of whom died prematurely.

Zelia died of breast cancer in 1877, when little Teresa was still four years old, and she did not see herself entering Carmel and becoming the great saint of the Church Doctor, Child Jesus.

Formosa Diocese – GO
Formosa Diocese - GO

St. Rita de Cassia

Patron saint of impossible causesRita was born about 1381 in Cassia, central Italy.

From an early age, she had a desire to devote herself entirely to Jesus but was obedient to her family, in her late teens she married Paulo Fernando.

Her husband was very violent, feminist and drinking a lot, but Rita was loyal to her marriage, submissive and submissive with her husband.

This anger, along with their insistent prayers for Jesus and the Virgin Mary, pacified the heart of Paul, who converted after 18 years of marriage.

But her husband was killed by the enemy, and her children, Joao Tiago and Paulo Maria, wanted to avenge the death of their father. Rita remained in prayer and asked the Lord to take her before she committed the deadly sin. They both fell ill, but always with the care and affection of their mother, and before they died, they reconciled with God and forgave their father’s murderers.

Thus, without much family commitments, she entered the Augustine Convent of 1417 as a nun. After the sermon, he asked the Lord to share the same pain he suffered, and in that moment, a thorn in the crown of Christ pierced his forehead, then opened the wound.

The injury caused unbearable pain and an unpleasant odor. Therefore, Santa had to remain in a state of remembrance for the last 15 years of his life.

In 1457, she died, and the stigma on her forehead disappeared, only the red dot began to exude a pleasant scent. His body did not rot and is still intact today.

Giovanni Bautista
Giovanni Bautista

St. Helen

Roman married Constantine the Chlorus, and the Confederacy was born in 285 to Constantine the Great, who became the Roman Emperor and the first Christian Emperor.

Helena suffered a lot because her husband had rejected her for marrying another woman for political interests. Even then, she continued to look after her son.

Already Converted to the Christian faithMainly through the letters of Sೊo Paulo, Helena was always praying for her son’s conversion and the future of her people.

Before the war, Constantine dreamed of an angel who was telling him to fight under the sign of the cross, placing it on standards and shields. The famous saying of the angel: In this signum wins (You win with this sign).

Constantine obeyed and converted, and he won the war, he became emperor. In June 313, he ruled that with the Statute of Milan, the Catholic faith could be freely asserted in the realm.

After receiving some visions, Saint Helena felt the joy of providing the reorganization of the true cross of Christ. The event led to the organization of the Holy Cross’s liturgy.

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