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Senator Simon Tebbett (MDB-MS) said this Wednesday (6) at the session of the Kovid CPI that documents presented by the government have been manipulated to rule out allegations of irregularities in the Kovaccine vaccine talks.

According to Tibet, the Invoice (A kind invoice) Presidency’s General Secretariat Minister Onyx Lorenzoni and former Executive Secretary of the Health Ministry Elsio Franco have presented a series of indications of fraud or manipulation. The list, the senator says, includes:

  • Mismatched brand and logo;
  • Misalignment at some point;
  • English and Portuguese errors;
  • A mix of languages ​​(Portuguese and English on the same page);
  • The difference in the number of quantities.

The G1 Planalto questioned the palace on suspicions caused by Simon Tibet, but did not receive a response until the last update of the report.

The document cited by Tibet was presented on June 23 in a speech made by Elsio Franco and Onyx Lorenzoni at the Planalto Palace. The two spoke in response to the allegations made by the Miranda brothers, who condemned the fraud in Indian vaccine contracts.

In a statement, the government claimed there were three versions of the document – and one of them presented by the Miranda brothers was fraud. In this case, Onyx and Elsio showed up Invoice This, according to him, is manipulative – and the other two versions they claim are legitimate. See it in the video below:

Onyx in Kovacsin: 'No favor, no high price, no buy'

Onyx in Kovacsin: ‘No favor, no high price, no buy’

This Wednesday, Simon Tebbett suggested the exact opposite. He said the first version, denoted as false by Planalto, had marks of legitimacy.

“This is the first one [documento], Said it was a fake, 100% proof of the fact that the document came with an English language correction and a scanner or fax mark. That document has been scanned and faxed, ”Tebbett said.

Referring to the other two documents that Elsio and Onyx said were legal, Tibet says there is “clear proof of the falsity of the private record.”

“It’s brand and logo out of place. They’re not attached in some way, it’s like a montage. It’s got a lot of flaws in English, and probably the most frustrating.” [item] 17. At the price point, PriceIt is The prince [príncipe, em inglês]. The CEO, this company, in Portuguese. So here’s the mix, I think it’s the only dialect known to them, isn’t it? There is a ‘portingleys’ you don’t understand ”, the senator said.

A record by Tibet provides 16 ampoules to import 300,000 boxes, representing 4.8 million doses – and not 3 million as expected.

According to the senator, there is a change in the projected amount from US $ 45 million to US $ 46 million. ”

There is about US $ 1 million, R $ 5 million, somebody will take you to some tax haven to crack some, ”he said.

Following the presentations of Simon Tebbett, Senator Elegyan Gamma (Citizenship-MA) requested that the third specialist be held. Invoices Presented.

CPI President, Senator Omar Aziz (PSD-AM) has said that Federal Deputy Luis Miranda (DEM-DF) has not yet delivered onyx documents to the Commission.

“I am asking the deputy here to bring the documents in public because they have publicly agreed to bring the document here,” Aziz said.

He requested that the documents be sent to the Minister of Health, Marcelo Quiroga, but he has not received them yet. “If he has something bad in his heart,” Omar said, he can believe that “necessary modifications” are being made to the new version of the talks with Kovaccin.

In one of the documents legally displayed by Onyx Lorenzoni and Elcio Franco, Senator Simon Tebbett highlighted 24 irregularities – according to MPs, errors that raise doubts about the accuracy of the paper.

The list contains the numbers printed in an English document that uses dots to separate commas for thousands and decimal places as written in Brazil (eg 1,234,567.89). In English, the symbol is inverted – for example, 1,234,567.89.

In the analysis of Tibet’s office, there are other terms that refer to the production of the document by the Brazilian: “Company” is abbreviated as cia, and not Co, and “License d’Importation” is abbreviated to LI (“Imported License”, in English).

See the document with the bugs instructions and below, see the legend suggested by the Tibet office:

‘Invoice’ by Palacio do Planalto with red markings made by Senator Simon Tibet (MDB-MS) – Photo: Reproduction

  1. Assembly
  2. “NONo & Date” – date with no exist / no and no gap
  3. – “Export” misspelled spell: ExporteR’s
  4. “Sia” (Company Abbreviation) – Amendment: Co. (Company)
  5. “Maker” – more accurate translation: manufacturer
  6. “March” in uppercase
  7. “Consolidated Areas”: CT 29/2021 will be “Buyer’s Order”, not “Other Reference (s)”
  8. DLOG Address Difference – Guarulhos x Brasília (original document)
  9. Origin of goods – Incorrect spelling
  10. Port Loading – Spelling error
  11. “Hyderabadbar” – Incorrect Spelling (Amendment: Hyderabad)
    The field only asks for the name of the country of origin and destination.
    There are specific fields for airport names.
  12. Language mixing (Brazil / Airport)
  13. “HYD Airport” – Incorrect Spelling (Correction: Airport)
  14. Question: Remittance: TBD (Define?) – Accept?
    Q: CIF (cost, insurance and freight) for GRU airport?
  15. LI (Import License) Approval? – Isn’t it IL (Import License)?
  16. Misalignment
  17. Prince (Prince) – Incorrect Spelling (Correction: Price)
  18. Translation: 300,000 vials with 5ml doses in secondary packs with 16 vials / doses in each box. The total will be 4,800,000.
    Shelf life – 24 months? Incorrect numbers.
  19. 3,000,000 – Incorrect spelling (corrected 3,000,000) * Incorrect position
  20. 15.00 – Spelling error (correction: 15.00) – Typed values ​​from Brazilian.
  21. Third party packages (shipped volumes) – Incorrect numbers
  22. Shipping Terms (Item 14) – Guarulhos to CIF?
  23. CIF GRU Airport BR (Item 14) or Total: CIP> 45,929,867.02?
  24. Recipient identification, statement of truth and official signatures that do not exist.

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