Jotta A. His Metamorphosis: “Freedom to Be Me” – Vogue

Jotta A (Photo: Br4bo)

Jotta A (Photo: Br4bo)

Singer Jotta A has always identified with butterflies and this is not in vain. As an insect, she too has undergone transformation. He became even more famous in the gospel scene when he attended Raul Gill’s show. His work with the Latin Grammy nomination claim has garnered millions of views.

Jotta’s story was inspired by a child born in Guaraja Mirim, Rondonia, who had difficulties living the dream and succeeded in Sೊo Paulo. However, in an interview with Vogue Brasil, the artist explained that this was not his.

With infectious and canceled performances, she has taken the moment of introspection to understand herself and the time has come for her to become herself: a woman. And the process of conversion began.

“I think we all have our time to do things. And a lot of times many trans women or men are trying to do this in an environment where they are not safe and not themselves. So I think it is very important that the people who make you feel safe surround yourself and don’t force society to do anything for you. “You choose, you choose your name, you choose the clothes you wear, and it usually lives that freedom,” she says in the interview.

The process began slowly, at first Jotta told the crowd that they were non-binary (neither male nor female). And on April 11, she revealed that she was a transgender woman on her Instagram account.

With jerks up to the shoulders, ladies clothes and high heeled shoes, and that was the exact moment he was going to the registry office to make the first request to fix my registered name. Anyway I was great to be with, so it was very much a free thing to choose my name ”, she concludes.

The post resonated, and Jotta received the support of several people, but despite all the love and support network, some transphobic comments also emerged, but she knows this cannot silence her voice.

Jotta A (Photo: Br4bo)

Jotta A (Photo: Br4bo)

Most hurtful comments from people that she has lost God and needs to return to religion. “This way of looking at religion can be bad. I see this from the beginning of the trial, when it was used in the history of mankind to bring benefit to human egos and to the world. Yes. And I see it every day on my social media, people comment transparently and sometimes they don’t know who they are, they reveal that they are transphobic.

“So I think it was very difficult for me to open up. Yeah. But I think it’s important to be able to share it so that other people can identify with it as well. That’s one thing you said and I always think, I think it teaches them,” he explains.

Getting out of the cocoon

The journey to become the person you want to be is not easy. First of all, she grew up when she didn’t have much contact with trans women, the first was 16 years old, and coming from a religious family, she was a little afraid of what her relatives would think.

“When you were a kid growing up in a conservative Christian family. You have no more options. So I only had my mother and my two sisters as a reference. Yes. And they were cisgender women, so they somehow identified with me, and I identified with them a lot, ”he begins.

“I was so disappointed to learn that I was never going to be a cisgender woman. It was very difficult to deal with. So when I had my first contact with a transvestite woman, it was almost visual and amazing with transsexuals. It was great, so it was very special for me. Like a butterfly, right? Total. And the process has already begun, the process.

And while the family may not understand at first, she is supporting the singer on this new journey, with her nephews calling her aunt: “I was very emotional. When I explained that I was a trans woman, she started talking to me in the female pronoun. It’s these little things, you know? ”, He recalls.

Jotta A (Photo: Br4bo)

Jotta A (Photo: Br4bo)

Way to Eden

Last Friday, the artist released a track and music video for ‘Eden’, a release that marks the artists’ biggest and biggest change in their careers, moving from the gospel to pop, and publishing their work for the first time since their gender transformation was made public.

The song was written by Jotta A and features music by Rafael Castielhole, responsible for hits such as ‘Movimento da Sanfoninha’, the acclaimed ‘Numanis’ music producers of Anita and Ludmilla.
Entering the front door of Brazilian pop, Jotta A, 24, has amassed unrivaled experience in the music industry, releasing her debut album at age six and following her national and international gospel career, she was nominated for a Latin Grammy in 2014. Christian in Portuguese in the music department.

The musical references present in ‘Eden’ find the perfect contemporary beats to the dance floor by The Weekend and Michael Jackson with time-lapse arrangements and international diva Dua Lipa. The groove of ‘Eden’ is full of lyrics depicting love and sensuality, with the chorus denoting the moment the forbidden fruit Eve was taken out of heaven.

The artist is from Gujira Mirim, Rondonia, and she and Marcos Prado release the music video ‘Eden’, informing the public about her life and work changes using her art and audiovisual medium. The relevance of artists such as Zotta A to the LGBTQIAP + community is also evident in the literature. “When I faced fear, I made my shadow an army,” sings a new transgender woman in Brazilian pop.

Trans personalities imply others (Photo: Reproduction)

Trans personalities imply others (Photo: Reproduction)

Mavi Veloso, trans woman and transmedia artist:

A Brazilian transmedia artist and currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Maui began her artistic experiences as a child. Over time, he created his first lyric, taking music-making as a parallel activity. Just years later, during her master’s degree, Mawi threw herself into her original musical composition, her first album, Travesty Biologica, released in January 2022.

“I suggest Naya de Souza (@ButtsCangelerin) Certao do come from Petrolina in Brazil, currently living in Berlin. Naya is a multimedia artist, comedian, storyteller and chef. Naya has a very loving personality and a very sharp and accurate critical sense.

It is constantly turned on and utilizes daily life to expose and provoke chaos. It creates political humor to expedite the fall of the patriarchal-capitalist system, exposing issues such as transphobia and racism. I have gone to live shows with Naya who simply ignites the stage and the audience. But it’s also possible to check their daily reports via their Instagram ”.

Gui Takashi (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Gui Takashi (Photo: Reproduction / Instagram)

Gui Takahashi – Journalist and influential

Born in the Parana countryside, Gui Takahashi, a journalist and columnist for glamor, began the transition at age 17 when she bought her first mascara. Through makeup she found herself and highlighted her Asian ancestry.

“I know the name Luh Maja (@luhmaza) Recently, despite her extensive curriculum and working with audiences and awards. When I found out that one of my favorite national series, Sessao de Terrapia, had the involvement of black transvestite in the script, it made sense.

The depth of reaching with our presence is greater because many of us transform minimal experiences into wounds, emotional layers, and energies. Luh directs and operates. I read in one of his interviews that he believes that having transvestites in front of the camera, as well as screenwriting, production and direction make the work more three-dimensional, honest and powerful. And because of our presence in all places, to honor and better represent our narratives, I am rooting for her and many sisters ”.


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