Is there an explanation for why older couples die one after the other?

In December 1947, American newlywed Violet from Fresno, California, wrote to her husband Floyd Hartwig, who was serving in the US Navy:I need your arms around me. All my love is yours. Take care. I hope to be with you soon. I love you, I love you and I will love you as long as I live. From a woman who loves you, always. Purple. ”. Floyd and Violet have been married for 67 years. In February 2015, the two died on the same day, side by side, five hours apart.

There are numerous news and reports in the media about a couple who died in a very short time interval between one and the other. And, inevitably, we are so attracted to these stories that it sounds like love stories, lives well and really moves on. Perhaps they suggest that love really lasts forever, even after death. But is there really any basis in it, or is it just a coincidence?

Although it is a matter of absorbing attention, there is still little scientific evidence to warrant this cause-effect relationship.

People of this age face direct death and loss of partners. It is one of the most traumatic and painful experiences a human can face, and adapting to a life without love is often a difficult and complicated task for the rest of us. The death of a husband or wife is marked by an emotionally devastating moment, the most pressing of all possible losses, in ranking, life issue scales.

The death of a partner is usually a representation of emptiness, a part of themselves that does not exist, remaining only in the memory and heart of those who shared their lives with them.

The longer the journey, the more the moments to remember, the greater the complexity and commitment to goals, achievements and failures that, after so many years of relationship, separate with their own actions and practices, the death of a partner. . A weak or sick couple may be successful in maintaining their independence together by overcoming each other. The wife with low mobility carried her shopping bag and relied on her husband to help her up or down the stairs.

In return, she covered her husband’s memory loss, reminded him of his medication, and the show he loved to watch on television.

Longevity in a relationship is taken as proof of commitment But both partners are seniors. The aging body is much weaker than the young, so the trauma of losing a lifelong partner is more than you can tolerate.

In a study published by the Journal of Public Health, it concluded, based on the responses of 12,316 participants People who have died spouses are more likely to die within the first three months after the death of their spouse (66%).

Deep grief is characterized by intense pain, with it We are not good at dealing.

Loss can coexist Behavioral and physiological changes It can affect the subject in all its health dimensions.

Grief can have one The devastating effect on the immune system. In part, this may explain why many older adults experience a severe decline in health or die shortly after losing a spouse.

The death of a partner is considered a time of intense stress, and some researchers suggest that adrenaline and cortisol levels trigger an increase in blood pressure and heart rate, leading to body breakdown, heart failure, known as heart failure. “Fractured heart syndrome”. Emotional pain is so painful that a person can develop real heart disease. Feelings of agony, agony, agony or bitterness can cause physiological changes that can be fatal to health.

Many years, experiences, built and lived with a deceased person. She has an infinity of characters: she is a companion, companion in leisure or travel, the father of her children, a source of support and sometimes inspiration. Losing another, since he dies, is tantamount to being separated from him for sure, and it makes no sense to live like that anymore.

However, there are people who survive after the death of a long-term partner. This does not mean that they do not have a strong and loving marriage. Perhaps it means that the rest may have better health than those left behind, with their children or a strong desire to live simply.

The deaths of this love story touch our hearts and the romance in them is implicit. He reminds us of the dream that true love will last a lifetime and even beyond death. If they come to life to be together When one dies, the other dies.

Life has a purpose that we can never understand and when that purpose is met, death comes.

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