In the campaign, Catholic Sergio Moro attends evangelical worship in Sೊo Paulo

Catholic, Sergio Moro attends an evangelist service in Sೊo Paulo this Sunday (15/5). Morrow and lawyer Rosangela Morrow, who is married to the Evangelical Church Hillsong, known for playing rock in the services, then meet the church’s leaders, who call out to a younger audience. Former minister wants to run for Senate.

Moro’s conversation with evangelists intensified in November when former ministers began their presidential campaign through Podemos. The evangelical core of the campaign is led by Presbyterian lawyer Ujiel Santana.

Today, with no prospect of competing in Unio Brasil and the Plateau, Moro is seeking to run for Sೊo Paulo in the Senate. The party has not yet subtitled this candidacy. So far, the only guarantee is that he will become a federal deputy. The agenda of former Lava Jato judges is almost entirely focused on cities in Sೊo Paulo.


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