Grooms of “Casamentos a Segas Brasil” cut from reality


Image from Netflix’s “Marriage a Blind Brazil”. Photo: Revelation / Netflix

News Summary:

  • New episodes of “Marriage as Blind Brazil” arrive in public this Wednesday, 13th

  • The reality of Netflix was that five couples were formed and didn’t get a honeymoon

  • We’ve collected the bride-groom cut from the version of the show

New episodes of “Marriage as Blind Brazil” come to Netflix this Wednesday, 13th, and you can check out the openings of the five engagements involved in reality. Even though five more couples were ringing their fingers on the show, the dream was a honeymoon and did not attract attention.

Thiago Rocha and Nanda Terra, Shayan and Ana Prado, Hudson and Carol Novas, Lissio and Luana and Rodrigo and Dayanne are well-known names in public, but some of the spoilers published on social networking sites may be known. . Check out who the other brides are:

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Alexis Martinho and Ana Gaudensio

Alexis Martinho made a goal of posting a photo of the reality behind showing Ana Gaudensio’s ring on his right hand. “Yes, we are engaged! Who else wanted to tell our story? ” The model wrote.

It is worth recalling that in the episodes shown on Netflix, they quit finding ideal love, but they made it clear to their followers that the reality was different. “The editing suggests it, but my regret is for another reason,” he explained.

Pamella Supan and Gustavo Mester

Pamella Supan shared the photo with her partner and told them about her engagement with Gustavo. “Yes there was a marriage proposal,” he wrote on his Instagram. “The contact with Gu happened in the first few days. The marriage proposal was surprising because Gustavo did not tell anyone. It was the fourth day of the conversation, the first day the first two marriage proposals were made,” he added.

“A lot of people tell me that we are engaged and have a meeting moment, what they need to do to see this scene is a small piece of that moment that passes quickly at the end of the first episode”, when they show the first date photo and find out if they are still together on the reality show. When told to wait for the end.

Aline Magara and Diego Pascini

Alain posted a photo next to her fianc ಮತ್ತುe and ended up deleting the record. In the announcement, nutritionists commented on the novel. “Our story is not shown on the show, we don’t know why. Many others will not. Only five couples went on a wonderful honeymoon. An incredible experiment that we had immense pleasure and honor to pass on. But in one of the cabins, I was asked to marry this ‘god’ Diego Pascini and I agreed. We got engaged and it’s a wonderful story, full of learning, ”he wrote.

After thanking Netflix, she announced herself to her partner. “Thank you for meeting me today and having the patience to teach me so much … New experiences about the stars, nature and above all, love for you.

Diego Pascini and Alain Magara, from

Diego Pascini and Alain Magara, from “Marriage to Blind Brazil”. Photo: Playback / Instagram

Priscilla Pittman and Victor Varella

Priscilla used Instagram stories to reveal that she had proposed to Victor for the classic “Evidence” sound. He explained that before entering the booth, he was playing the song and that he ended up getting emotional with a piece of literature. After that, the participants made the request and the suitor accepted.

The bride said she and her sweetheart were among the 10 formed couples who did not have the moment of their first visit to the reality show. “It was pretty crazy. We went out there and we already added each other on Instagram. I took my car and went to meet him. When I saw him, I said: ‘Wow, he’s so cute,'” she said.

Priscilla Pittman and Victor Varella on social media

Priscilla Pittman and Victor Varella on social media. Photo: Playback / Instagram

Anna Ares and Bruno

Anna and Bruno’s relationship is a mystery, as they haven’t posted much about it on social media. But the bride reveals a shared spoiler request and a face-to-face meeting. Because she posted a photo of herself in Instagram Stories for a moment to kiss when the two met.


Image from “Marriage to the Blind Brazil”. Photo: Revelation / Netflix

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