Gayle and Alice are two ‘darlings’ in the city in 2021


The Bowrance ranking

Gayle with 68 records, and Alice with 67, will be the “Darling” names of babies in 2021. The general ranking shows a preference for simple and short nicknames in the city, in a trend noted by the Bauer Civil Registry offices, responsible for the birth registration of more than 4 thousand newborns this year.

The list of male names led by Gail is followed by Miguel (60 records), Theo (54) and Arthur (53). In the selection of female nicknames, Helena (50), Lorena (35) and Maria Eduarda (30), along with Alice in the first place.

Complete data listed by the Registry Offices in Bauer is part of the Civil Registry Transparency Portal (, maintained by the National Association of Registrar of Natural Persons (Arpen-Brasil). It brings together a database of births, marriages and deaths recorded by entities in all Brazilian cities.

More faith

In the list of favorite names in Bauer, there are many Bible sources, such as Alice (1st in female rankings) and Miguel (2nd in male rankings). And according to Arpen, it’s a statewide trend.

“With the ranking of the most registered names in Sೊo Paulo during the year, we can see the preference of the Sೊo Paulo population for nickname for children.

Nickname change: When can I do it?

The name is governed by an unchanging rule, that is, it must remain unchanged for the security of legal relationships, there are exceptions to the law where change is possible. This can be done in the notary office for one year after reaching the age of majority – 18 to 19 years old – and with no motivation to harm family surnames. It is also possible to correct the name when a clear spelling error in the record is proven.

In the case of linguistic persons, the nickname change may be made in the notary office, with no prior judicial authority, only with the confirmation of the will of the person. Other changes, such as disclosure of a name for defamation or the protection of witnesses, can only be undertaken through a judicial process.

Adding the surname can occur in marriages, paternity and maternity recognition actions – biological or social-effective – and in cases where parents of children under the age of 18 are jointly reviewed, the original registration does not reflect all the family. The lines. Finally, the widow may request to remove or change the surname upon the presentation of the spouse’s death certificate.

‘Protected’: One of the 68 ‘Gaels’ of the year won the fight for life

Photos: Famesp / Disclosure

Mom Andreza Camenforte with little Gail on her lap, when he was a month old

Of the 68 most popular names in Bauer in 2021, Gale dos Santos Cameronforte, 20 year old Andreza Cameronforte and 23 year old Joao Vitor dos Santos. Despite counting only two months and 19 days of life, the little one can already be considered a great warrior: he was born at just 29 weeks, a little lung still formed.

Therefore, Gail had shortness of breath and had difficulty breathing (stopping during the breathing process). The first child of the family is 14 days in the Neonatal ICU of Santa Isabel and 21 days in the Intermediate Care Unit (ICU) of the same hospital. Now, at home, he can breathe on his own. “He’s getting smarter and healthier every day. Thank God. For a premature baby, he’s very smart and charismatic,” says the mother.

And the name chosen for him has everything to do with the path of the young man’s energy. “When we found out we were pregnant, we wanted a short name to stay away from the orthodoxy. When we found Gayle, it was a quick decision. When looking for meaning, we thought it had everything to do with him. It means ‘protected, beautiful and generous.’ ”, Concludes Andreza.

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