Female warriors from Annapolis working in different areas reveal what a sweet challenge it is to be a mother

Only the mother knows the infinite love and all the power that motherhood can offer. But children, on the other hand, only know how to recognize this love that flows and transforms in life.

And for these children, mothers are nothing more than superheroes, warriors, teachers, friends and trusts.

On this Mothers Day, Portal 6 spoke to some of the women who play a major role in the city and revealed what motherhood is for them.

Diane Hollanda Ferreira

Captain of the Military Police (PM) of Annapolis, Vice-Commander of the 28th BPM and Maria da Penha is responsible for the Patrol. Diane Hollanda is the mother of two young boys.

“Being a mother we have unlimited love and unexplained power. It is the greatest love in the world, a gift that I thank God every day, ”he said.

Diane Hollanda Ferreira is a mother of two children. (Photo: Personal Archive / Diane Hollanda Ferreira)

Huda Noume Homesie

From the Syrian family and the example of a mother and wife, Huda pursued her dreams and graduated at age 64 with a degree in gastronomy. She has four children, but she ‘adopts’ her nieces and nephews from her heart.

“Mother is a school. Prepare her and you will get children who will make a difference in the history of your home, family, society and your nation, ”she said.

Huda Noume Homsey (in green) has 4 children. (Photo: Personal Archive / Huda Noume Homesie)


A mother of two children, Louisiana is a physical therapist and Pilates instructor.

“Being a mother is about giving unconditional love. It only expects the happiness and satisfaction of your children. Thank God for this shared gift, ”he said.

Always thinking of what’s best for her children, Louisiana takes care of the health of young children with Pilates. (Photo: Personal Archive / Louisiana Laserda)

Nancy Oliveira

Nancy holds a degree in pedagogy and is currently serving as superintendent of APAE. She is a mother of two children.

“For me, motherhood is a divine credit, a new opportunity that God gives women to experience happiness in a sweet and unprecedented way,” she defined.

In a relationship with children, love was always overflowing. (Photo: Personal Archive: Nancy Oliveira)

Jusselian Vieira de Oliveira Telis

Vakile, Jassellian has one daughter. However, it participates in social activities that improve the quality of life of many vulnerable children in Annapolis.

“Motherhood is a transformation of love that flows and never ends,” she said.

Love flows when you hug a little daughter. (Photo: Personal Archive / Jusselian Vieira)

Lorena Gomez

Lorena is a journalist and mother of two daughters, who are recognized for her talent on television in Goas.

“Motherhood is probably one of the hardest things in the world, but at the same time, it’s the best thing in the world,” she shared.

Everyday, Lorena does not hide the love she feels for her daughters. (Photo: Personal Archive / Lorena Gomez)

Dianne Fernandez Rodriguez

The mother of two children, Diane is an administrative analyst and plays the role very carefully.

“The challenge of leaving the two to work is the hardest battle I face every day. But before I became a mother, I was a woman. I am a professional and I understand motherhood has come to add more,” she said.

The biggest difficulty she has is getting stuck with little children and going out without them to work. (Photo: Personal Archive / Diane Fernandez)

Maria Alice Fernandez Costa Silva

Baker and entrepreneur, Maria Alice is the mother of three children and their love for the delicious desserts they make overflows.

“Motherhood is giving you the greatest love of our lives. This is what we should be doing every day, ”he said.

Moments are more beautiful when living with children. (Photo: Personal Archive / Maria Alice)

Lies Torres de Melo

Lies is an entrepreneur and a single mother. She has been successful with partner Ana Mukerziel with the Le.Poá store and still uses social networks to help other mothers.

“I believe motherhood is the most difficult profession I’ve ever had. However, it is more rewarding and more rewarding!”, She said.

Lies does this to share her love and help other mothers. (Photo: Personal Archive / Lies Torres)

Eva Cordero

The director of Kotek, the owner and teacher of the bistro, Eva is a loving mother who teaches and learns a great deal from her two children.

“Motherhood has made me a better person: more human, more compassionate, more patient. Being a mother drives us, leaves us, takes us out of the comfort zone, brings us hope, renews our faith, brings new perspectives to the future, and life begins to have another meaning.” He said.

With her children, Eva has discovered an enormous and unconditional love that she could never have imagined existed. (Photo: Personal Archive / Eva Cordero)

Priscilla Janine

Priscilla is a nurse and works every day with a great mission to help save lives. She is the mother of two young sons.

Motherhood means great moments Challenges. EdAll is easy, but it is the birth of unparalleled love. Nothing can be compared, it is love that fills all the voids of the soul. ”

Priscilla always uses her spare time to enjoy with the puppies. (Photo: Personal Archive / Priscilla Janine)

Lucia Alves

The mother of two children, Lucia works as a gas station attendant in the gas stations network.

“Motherhood has taught me that love has no limits. It is love beyond us and we will never be the same person again. As a mother, I am strong and fight everything and everything. It’s like getting out of the chest, ” he said.

Always present at the most important moments for her children, Lucia supported her first child’s wedding with great love. (Photo: Personal Archive / Agilis Nadielle)

Elaine Rezende

A proud mother of two, Elaine has dedicated her entire life to providing care and comfort to a homemaker and her family.

“For me, motherhood is a magic. It is a personal achievement that we as women alone can have.

Throughout the marriage, the joy of participating in the youngest son’s dream came true. (Photo: Personal Archive)

Bianca Petrochi Nunes Pereira

The disciplinary coordinator of the Municipal Network, Bianca is a biological mother of a girl, but receives daily love from the various “step children” of the school she manages.

“Motherhood is a unique and magnificent task. Having a baby has made me a better person these days, ”she said.

Bianca’s great pride is in following in her daughter’s successful footsteps. (Photo: Personal Archive / Bianca Petrochi)

Silva Leticia Dourado de Castro

Known as Sergeant Silva, he has been a member of the fire department since 2004 and has already helped save many lives. She became a mother to a young girl at the age of 39.

“It’s the most different feeling I’ve ever experienced in my entire life. Unrequited love. Since my daughter was still young, at the age of 4, I always felt the need to welcome, protect and teach, but the feeling of protection was the greatest of all,” she commented.

Sergeant Sylvia with her child at the fire station. (Photo: Personal Archive / Silva Leticia)

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