Duda Beat: “I’m a little musical rebel” – Vogue

Duda Beat (Photo: Alison)

Duda Beat (Photo: Alison)

Beat Duda Not even a little bit scared! The owner of a charming personality and unique voice, the singer is occupying much of her space. The Pernambuco native has just returned from a tour of Europe with all the bestselling shows.

Interview with Vogue Brazil, The singer explains that this second time in Europe is even more special, as everyone on the band was friends, it was a good leisure trip, and they managed to take their mother to Europe for the first time.

“I’ve never been in my life. I’ve played shows in Paris, London, Dublin, Barcelona. It was great, the public was excited, all the houses were sold, everyone was very happy, some places asked for a second date, next time I want to play somewhere bigger. A freelance artist who conquers places, I’m a music rebel, you know? I’m opening my place, “adds the singer.

“I think that’s a very important step. To conquer things, the way I planned, everything in my story is about empowerment. I’m still fighting for some space. I’m grateful to the world for everything that’s happening,” he reveals. .

Duda Beat (Photo: Alison)

Duda Beat (Photo: Alison)

Rhythm through dance and costume

On the singer’s first album, “Cinto Muito”, if she wants to play everything in music, on the second “Te Amo La Fora”, her way of showing more is what she came up with. With a darker approach than the first, Duda Pernambuco brings a perfect blend of pop with rhythms such as Freo, Woodcut, Forero, but in a darker way.

“During that difficult time in the epidemic, I found myself exhausted by the bad news. On the other hand, when everything stopped, I had time to take care of myself, to love me, “she tells Vogue about the inspiration for her new job.

And Duda, who is always very careful with all the details of the tour, brought this music to the clothes of the shows. “Clothes, I want more black and red, I’ve worked together with the band, more to match the album. It’s an exchange, my costume designer is my best friend. We exchanged quotes the whole day. I always love fashion. A terrible record, ’he said,“ we are very connected, ”he explains.

And another novelty is dance. Dancers are instructed by Flavio Verne, with whom Duda has been working for about a year. “My desire is to put dancing on shows and that’s what I always wanted to be.”

It was difficult at first, but there was no impossible challenge for the singer. Duda’s new dance era has been cited by other established stars who abuse the choreography to hypnotize fans.

Plans for the future

Due to the epidemic, the cultural area was discontinued with postponing screenings to contain coronavirus. With the reboot, Duda will not stop, along with an international tour with several shows in Brazil and around the world, the singer will be attending some major festivals such as Nomad and Rock Inn this Saturday (14.05). Rio

“I love to take part in festivals, especially with so many amazing people like Caetano Veloso, Iza and Gilsons, but the hardest part is gathering the setlist. I have to let go of some I like, but I always do my best,” jokes the singer.

But, because she doesn’t stop, she’s already working on her third album for next year, as well as preparing for a worldwide tour. “I plan to return to the United States in the second half of 2022 and tour Latin America. And if I have the opportunity to dream, Japan is the place I want to perform. I’ve already done an interview in a magazine there. And it was incredible. It’s an honor, ”he reveals.

Duda Beat (Photo: Alison)

Duda Beat (Photo: Alison)

Lula’s jingle

Last week, the singer was one of the most talked-about issues while attending Lula’s campaign election jingle for president. During the chat, Duda said she was invited by sociologist Rosangela Silva, the wife of a politician known as Janja.

“She’s sweet. She followed my work and invited me in. I accepted the invitation very warmly. It’s a very symbolic thing to be in this part of history as boys since 1989 (sung by ‘Lula Law’),” she explains.

Duda stresses the importance of talking about politics no matter where you are. “I take a stand and I don’t hide from anyone, but every artist should know what he’s doing and I understand that,” he concludes.


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