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Friends and artists condole the death of the filmmaker Breno Silvera, He had a heart attack this Saturday (14) morning. He also recorded “Dona Vitoria”, a film starring Fernanda Montenegro, in the interior of Pernambuco, in Vincencia.

Breno Silvera is best known for directing the highest-grossing Brazilian cinema “Dois Filhos de Francisco” at the time of its release in 2005. Her career is marked by Brazilian stories and inspired by real events.

Director Breno Silvera during the filming of “By the Way” – Photo: Disclosure

Helio de la Pena, comedian

“Breno is saddened by Silvera’s departure. He is a good person, talented, creative and a partner. He is too young to leave us with plans in mind,” declared Helio.

“I’m so sad about your departure. Rest in peace Breno Silvera !!! We talked last week. Thank you for our movies, for sharing and for the joy we got to share. My deepest condolences to the family. Thank you so much, so much!”

Andrucha Waddington, director, producer and screenwriter

“Very sad day. I think Breno is one of the greatest directors and artists of our generation. We’ve grown up together. I’m dumb.”

Andrucha Waddington on director Breno Silvera: 'He was passionate about what he did.  Today is a day of mourning for art

Andrucha Waddington on director Breno Silvera: ‘He was passionate about what he did. Today is a day of mourning for art

Zezé Motta, actress and singer

“I am a privileged incredible director and filmmaker to work with. At age 58, he left us, and he also leaves amazing works in the Brazilian cinema.”

Zézé Motta, Actress – Photo: Disclosure

Daniel Gonzaga, singer and songwriter, son of Gonzaguinha and grandson of Luiz Gonzaga

“Guys, I’m in shock.
Breno was a darling.
I thank them. Not so much. For your love. From you …. love.
I am indebted to ride through the valley of vines.
Speechless. “

Luciano Huck, narrator

“Brazilian cinema today, suddenly and untimely, lost one of its most talented exponents, Breno Silvera. A talented director, a dedicated father and good people of the highest degree. Sad.”

Joao Barone, drummer for Paralamas do Suesso

“The loss of Baralo Silvera, the director of the videos and career of Paralamas, has been deeply saddened by the loss.

Leticia Darnelles, author and president of the Casa Rui Barbosa Foundation

“Breno Silvera’s death is tragic. The talented director of the films ‘Os Dois Filhos de Francisco’ and ‘Gonzaga: De Pi Pro Filho’. A while ago, I watched the ‘Dom’ series. Condolences “

“Breno Silva is gone. Very sad and shocking. Very good guy, good and super talented. RIP Breno.”

Dada Coelho, actress and screenwriter

“Shocked! Unbelievable. How sad. I can’t believe it. A wonderful person …”

“How sad is this news by Breno Silvera. My God.”

Career by Breno Silvera

Filmmaker graduated from Ecole Louis Lumiರ್‌re in Paris and got his first experience as a photographer in 1995 in the film “Carlota Joaquina: Princesa do Brasil”.

In 2000, he was the director of photography for the film “Eu Tu Eles”, which was selected to participate in the Unsertine Regard section at the Cannes Festival.

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Breno Silvera on set of ‘Dom’ series – Photo: Revelation

In 2005, he debuted as a film director in “Dois Filhos de Francisco”, the most-watched film of the year, with over 5 million viewers. This feature reached the rank of the most successful national film after the so-called Zone Resume, defeating “Karandiru” by Hector Babenko.

The story of the successful duo of Zezze Di Camargo and Luciano received ten more nominations for the Brazilian Cinema Grand Prix, including Best Film category. She received the best of the four categories.

Other famous productions by Breno Silvera are “Gonzaga: From Father to Son” (2012) and “Once upon a Time” (2008). He was co-producer of “Cassette and Planet: The World Cup Is Our Hour” (2003).

Last year, Silvera performed a fictional series “Dom” inspired by the invasion of buildings run by a gang led by a “cat bandit” in Rio de Janeiro. Pedro Machado Lomba Neto, known as Pedro Dom, is a middle-class young man and drug addict who turned to crime.

He said at the time g1 The idea for the series arose after Dom’s father approached him to ask someone to tell his son’s story from a different perspective than the police news.

Below is a video of the interview with Silvera g1 about Dom:

Breno Silvera talks about the 'Dome' series: 'The most surreal scenes are the most real'

Breno Silvera talks about the ‘Dome’ series: ‘The most surreal scenes are the most real’

“I started listening to this boy who was still very upset about everything. At first, it seemed like a very heavy story, but deep down, I realized there was a father and son story. He told me that,” Silvera said at the time.

Watch the filmmaker’s screenplay:

  • 1995 – Carlotta Joaquina – Director of Photography
  • 1996 – Barulhinho Bom – Traveling Music – Director of Photography
  • 1998 – La Serva Padrona – Director of Photography
  • 1998 – Betrayal – Director of Photography
  • 1999 – Twins – Director of Photography
  • 2000 – Bufo and Spallanzani – Director of Photography
  • 2000 – Eu Tu Eles – Director of Photography
  • 2003 – Caseta and Planeta: The World Cup is ours – Assistant Producer
  • 2003 – Person of the Year – Director of Photography
  • 2005 – 2 Sons of Francisco – Director
  • 2008 – Once Upon a Time … – Director
  • 2010 – Me and My Umbrella – Set Producer
  • 2012 – Gonzaga – From Father to Son – Director
  • 2012 – Along the Way – Director
  • 2017 – Between Sisters – Director

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