Brazilian heartthrob sparkling with Mexican soap operas in Mexico


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Marcus Ornellas is 39 years old and is from Kakapawa do Sul in the Rio Grande do Sul. Her career has included numerous soap operas and series such as Dos Hogares (2012) with Anahi, Monarca (2019) with Oswaldo Benavides, Libre Para Amarte (2013), Gloria Trevi, Ruby (2019) with Camila Sodi, Se Letts (2020), Gabby Spaniak and several With other constructions.

The Brazilian actor, who has a career in Mexico, is the youngest father Diego Ornellas Diaz4 years old, the result of her relationship with a popular actress Ariadne Diaz (Tomorrow forever), and today is one of the most beloved heartthrobs of Mexican soap operas.

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The actor can be found in the Monarcha series on Netflix and the Vida Dupla and Muchacha Italiana novels on the Gigo TV platform.

“I am very pleased with the screening of If Leave Us in Brazil. Gabby Spaniak is a beautiful woman, she has a positive energy, a very hard perseverance and a Marine Villanueva sweet guy, easy to work with, she brings a lot of peace and harmony. They are great people. ”

“My grandmother was a fan of Mexican telenovelas, and for me, my telenovela broadcast in Brazil means a lot, because they are so proud of me.”

Marcus Ornellas and Marin Villanueva in the soap opera If We Leave “Disclosure / SBT”

Rodrigo Cerebelli- How did your career get started?

Marcus Ornellas- I started as a model in Puerto Alegre, then went abroad. I went to Milan and stayed for several months, and then I got the opportunity to work in Mexico.

In 2005, I came to work as a model, I worked with parties and restaurants, then I acted, took part in a reality show. I’ve done a lot of theater and my first soap opera was “Dos Hogares”.

Did you know that RC-Ruby (2020) is in the Globoplay catalog and has been on TOP 10 of streaming for several weeks?

MO- My character was living in Spain, and we were filming in Mexico and in Spain for a week. It was a difficult role for me, I learned a lot from him.

From the same producer “Let’s Let Us” by Carlos Bardasano and it’s the best production I’ve ever participated in. Now I’m reaping many fruit.

Ruby played Marcus Ornellas Lucas Fuentes Moran in the “Disclosure / Televisa” series.

RC- What were the recordings of the soap opera “Muchacha Italiana” and “Vida Dupla” on the TLN Channel?

MO- Vida Dupla is my first project on television here in Mexico, it was in 2011 and I was able to work with Anahi, Carlos Ponce and Sergio Goeri, I learned a lot from these companions.

I did a guest appearance in the middle of the story on “Muchacha Italiana”, my character only appears in 3 chapters and the producers really liked my character, they made more appearances. I played the father of Gail Angels (Jose Pablo Minor) and he made me an older man, everyone said we were brothers (laughs).

Not many people here in RC-Brazil know, but you married actress Ariadne Diaz, how did you meet?

MO- I first met her at a party, we had already broken up with previous relationships and started talking on a cell phone, and then she disappeared … (laughs).

A year later (2015) we met again at the airport in Vera Cruz and we have never separated and we are still together today.

“Regeneration” by Marcus Ornellas, Ariadne Diaz and their son Diego

How did RC-soap operas play controversial roles in the series “Libre Para Amarte” and “Monarcha”?

Livre Para Amarte was a humorous and very light soap opera and there was no kiss between the two men at the time, as there was not much censorship here in Mexico today as they realized that they could explore this theme of prejudice and kissing. The scene is common on TV today. There was no kiss for my character in this novel.

I had a very interesting role in Monarch, I played a strong and unscrupulous character and he ruined the family because of his interests.

It was a Netflix Super Production and I didn’t use double for kissing scenes, because I knew that he would do these nude scenes during the character test.

“I give my characters my body and myself and my feelings with great respect.”


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