Bipolar Affective Disorder: Understand the Disease That Causes a Woman to Have Sex with a Homeless Man

Evina Garcia – from Senarium Magazine

Manaus – Bipolar Affective Disorder (ADD), a hysterical episode with psychotic symptoms, which includes hypersexualization as one of the symptoms of bipolar disorder and calls on a person to do things that are impossible to diagnose. Enough, according to psychiatrists, that Dr. Giulia Miranda Rosa Santoro.

This type of disorder was identified in the case of shopkeeper Sandra Mara Fernandez, 33, who reported seeing God and her husband in the body of a homeless man in a hysterical episode, which led him to have sex with a man he had never known. What happened and shortly afterwards Sandra was hospitalized and doctors diagnosed her with ADD.

Santoro explains that having a bipolar disorder is essential for developing a psychotic break, and that a serious case like Sandra’s can only affect a person who is already suffering from an outbreak. Psychiatrists say that a person with bipolar disorder swings between acute agitation and exaggerated euphoria to a state of severe depression. “When a person is fine, there are rare moments with a fixed mindset.”

Giulia explains that “psychic breaks are easy to spot, which are usually out of his mind. A delusional person believes things that are not true.

Extreme cases

Mental breaks can also result in brain infections, but these cases do not produce hypersexualization and severe delusions as a psychotic episode of mania. “Mental breaks can be from mental illness or a brain infection. Therefore, it is always necessary to have a medical evaluation. Drugs or alcohol use can also cause a person to have a mental condition,” says Santoro.

Psychiatrists believe that auditory hallucinations and delusions are one of the most obvious symptoms of mental breakdown, but in addition, the person may have disorganized or disconnected speech. In addition, it highlighted the restless behavior of patients.

He explains that another factor that physicians may be aware of is that ultimately trauma, even larger trauma, does not trigger a psychotic episode unless other factors are included. He concludes that “all mental disorders are multifactorial, that is, genetic, interdependent and extrinsic, so there is no specific trauma that causes this type of trauma.

About the case

Sandra was revealed on March 9 this year after having sex with Giovaldo Alves, a homeless man in Distalito Federal, Planaltina. In the audio posted on her profile, she reported that she wanted to “fulfill her purpose” and meet Givaldo. Sandra’s husband, Eduardo Alves, took hold of the situation and hit the man, thinking it was an unrelated relationship.

Sandra was hospitalized shortly after the incident and a doctor’s decision had a psychotic episode of mania caused by ADD. Through social networking sites, Sandra Spoke For the first time since the incident, she said she felt humiliated when faced with the consequences of the case.

“I was a victim of mockery and humiliation on national television. I was labeled as a pure woman, a magical woman, a traitor, just like any other woman. And I’m even more offended by being assaulted by other women who understand that I deserve it, ”she said.

“I have always known that we live in an unequal society, but I did not choose to have a breakdown, I did not choose to be insulted, I did not choose to expose and ruin my life! So, I know that I have a legitimate right to justify myself, as I have been.

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In the stories, Sandra reiterated her thanks for the text and promised that she would protect women’s rights and bring the news soon. “Today I ask for justice for my rights because I have never disrespected anyone and I am not entitled to be treated like other people. […]. I will fight one day to resume my existence and I will succeed because God is great and infinitely good! ” He concluded.

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