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“Coraco Dog” contributed 20% of the song’s authorship to English singer James Blunt. Released in 2021, Forro has a chorus with ballad “Same Mistake” from British musicians since 2007. The two parties negotiated an out-of-court settlement amicably.

Ceará’s company Medalha Editora, which manages the rights of six Brazilian authors of “Coração Coração,” has confirmed this information. Medalha oversees the rights with Universal Editoria, which confirmed the deal for g1.

Sony Editoria, representing the rights of James Blunt, has already told g1 that English and Brazilian authors are agreeing to the terms of the agreement.

Neto Sales, Medalha Editora’s partner, told g1 that a joint authorship agreement like this is rare in Farrow: “I don’t remember seeing anything like this in Brazil. What usually happens is that international artists are authorizing the original ‘versions of the work.’

“This is the first case where I see a foreign author enter into a composition ‘partnership’ and thus become one of the authors. The work was previously signed by 6 authors and has now been signed by 7 musicians, with James Blunt becoming one of the songwriters.”

Jos ಡೈ DiMantino, a lawyer for Sony Editor in Brazil, said he had previously followed James Blunt’s manager’s contract.

The Chorus with singers imitating the rhythm Signed by six Brazilian composers and recorded by Foroziros Evain and Matthews Fernandez. The most played song in Brazil today. But canine melodies have been recycled and have an ancient lineage. Understand the podcast heard in g1 and in the text below.

The video was funny, but the message was serious

James Blunt posted a video of him dancing to the song “Coraco Doggy” on October 26 and congratulating him on No. 1 on the charts, but wrote in the caption that he was “going.”Send bank details soon.

Avin Winnie (Major), singer of ‘Coraco Dog’, and James Blunt (Minor), singer and author of ‘Same Mistake’, whose chorus inspired the melody of the Brazilian forero – Photo: Reproduction

He jokingly posted the video and it is unknown whether he will ever get co-authorship there.

Brazilian Farrow authors, until then, acknowledged the inspiration, but denied that there was plagiarism.

  • In 2007, James Blunt “Same mistake” released. With his romantic style, he repeats the sad “uuu” in the chorus. The song became popular in Brazil during the soap opera “Duas Carus”.
  • Group in 2008 Black PantyHe made several unofficial versions of foreign hits, turning the “same mistake” into “Já me ausumei”. The melody is the same, but with the lyrics in Portuguese.
  • In 2021, “Coraco Doggy” is written in Fortaleza Six composers: Daniel Dos Versos, Felipe Panda, PG do Carmo, Riquinho da Rima, Breno Lucena and Felipe Love.
  • The opening lines are different than “the same mistake.” But The chorus has the same melody. He took James Blunt’s “Woohoo” and made it into the heart of a sloppy dog.
  • The song is recorded by Faro singers from Ciara, with touches of Faro Pisadinha and electronic music. Avin and Matthews Fernandez became the national No. 1 In October.
  • Authors Admit that “uuuu” is inspired by James Blunt’s music, It became popular in the Faro by Calcinha Prata. But they say Just a “reference”, not plagiarism.

Watch the video below and compare the three songs. Then read the “Dog Heart” story:

Comparison: Same Mistake (James Blunt, 2007), I've Got Owned to It (Black Pantis, 2008) and Dog Heart (Avin, 2021)

Comparison: Same Mistake (James Blunt, 2007), I’ve Got Owned to It (Black Pantis, 2008) and Dog Heart (Avin, 2021)

Before it reached number one on the streaming charts, “Dog Heart” was disgraced. “She was mocked. He said: ‘Do you think the market will use it?’ “, Says Danielle.” They thought it was silly, and today they woke up at number 1 on Spotify “, they celebrate.

Daniel Hortensio Batista, 31, was a marketing assistant at Fortaleza when he started composing in 2016 and became Daniel Dos Versos. He has already written with Wesley Safadavo (“Amancheseu”) and Knutton for Xand Avio (hit “Arrasta Pro Sima”).

In March 2021, he arranged a meeting with three songwriter friends from Jujuba, the hit factory in Fortaleza – the other two joined, creating the Six Pack. That night, he did two songs: “Band-Aid” (not yet released) and the other one he initially called “Chained Heart.”

The night the six authors of ‘Coraco Dog’ created the song in March 2021 at Jujuba Publishing House in Fortaleza. From left: Breno Lucena, PG do Carmo, Felipe Love, Daniel Dos Versos, Riquinho da Rima and Felipe Panda – Photo: Personal Archive

“Then I said:‘ Man, this is a nostalgia song, it’s a dog heart. As the heart was still passionate, a large dog, thrown to his feet, was suffering from his magic.. People thought it was good, “Daniel says.” But they got into the chorus and needed something else.

“You can’t come up with a simple phrase. We should be surprised. Then Carmos PG said:” I thought about stopping here, but you don’t want to. For team-mates, it sounds like the “same mistake” and “I used it” melody.

“It went very well because the dog’s heart does what it does when it sees the person. Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

“I had to convince my team to record this song,” says Evine, 32, who was born in Sobral, Sierra. He learned to sing in the evangelical church and then went to bars. At the age of 20, he started an Xé pop band and became a ferro idol.

In his current solo career, Vibe has been hired by Xavi Avio, the producer of Xand Avio. It stands out in this market, but “Coraco Doggy” is the first national number 1 to strengthen its agenda in the Southeast. But at first “a lot of people thought the music was weird,” he says.

Avin Winnie in Sೊo Joವಾo de Cattle 2019 – Photo: Janina Pepeau / Cattle City Hall

“Most of my team didn’t want me to record it, but I was sure it would work out because it was a good, romantic lyrics and at least an awesome chorus. That’s the formula for what’s happening today,” says Avin, who called on Matthews Fernandes for the partnership.

The system has made a difference. “We wanted to put more electronic beats. “We’ve reduced the rhythm and added some elements of the funk ticktack to the market.” The plan was right: Music is now the champion of dances in the video app.

And the ‘same mistake’ child chorus?

From left: James Blunt, author of ‘Same Mistake’ (2007); Calcinha Preta, who recorded the version of ‘Já me ausumei’ (2008); Evin sings the melody of the chorus in the song ‘Coraco Dog’, (2021) – Photo: Disclosure

During “Auu”, sure, the inspiration was James Blunt. But this is just a reference. Not the song version. It is a melody game, sound, dog chewing. This is the whole scenario, which is a meaning until “auuuu” is reached, Daniel Dos Versos told g1 in October, before news of the deal was underway.

“The melody at the beginning is so different. You can’t put one song into another. They clash. They’re not the same. The ghost of Calcinha is the version of the song, yeah,” he compares.

Daniel Dos Versos, one of the six authors of ‘Coraco Doggy’ – Photo: Disclosure

The unofficial version made by Calcinha Prata is not “already used”. The group has made several variants of this genre and already told the podcast g1 asked Because of this, who had copyright issues.

“But we always find a way around it because sometimes we can’t record a DVD, a CD. Right now, we have a problem with it because on the 25th anniversary DVD of Calcinha Prata, we couldn’t get a lot of songs,” said Palinha Abelha.

“If we get a notification by accident, it will definitely fix it as best we can, so the song is still in evidence, so everyone wins. But I believe nothing will happen,” Daniel said in October.

“You have to give credit, we do. We’re fair. If you get to the point where you say, ‘James Blunt is going to write, so the law says it, the copyright rule says’, if all goes well, obviously we will have another partner in the mix.” .

But until then, it was not supposed to be such a prosperity. “Let it be clear, the song is not plagiarism. We have gone back to the times of lawyers.

In October, Avin Winnie, hired by Sony Gravadora, told g1 that the company had already settled the matter without giving further details. G1 asked for advice from Sony who said on behalf of the “publisher” that he did not consider music to be plagiarism.

But Sony Editora does not represent the editorial rights of “Coração doggy”. The company is solely responsible for recording, in its record label arm, Evin Winnie and Matthews Fernandez. The deal, so far, only includes songwriters, not performers.

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