Ana Banana: The surprising history of the candy store is the phenomenon in Tatui and the region

If you live tatuí, Do it And this is an area you’ve probably heard of Ana Banana Chocolate Shop. It is almost impossible not to fall in love Candy Made by her. Success in the region and on social networking sites, Ana is a banana The field is already a reference Confectionery And this is huge Phenomenon In Social Media!

But who will see Success It is not known how the shop went in the area. Rest assured, you do Surprise!

Discover the beautiful history of the region’s most famous candy stores!

Photo: Personal collection.

The beginning of a great journey

Ana Claudia Diniz Pinto SoaresOr Ana is a bananaAs you wish, she was 43 years old, born tatuí And there is immense love for the city. The beginning of their journey Candy It was amazing!

To have a Extra incomeShe started selling sweets at the company she was working for 2006. But this story started a little early. In 2003, she was already working and selling in this company Easter eggs Her aunt Cleesea was doing it.

“Just before Easter, I took chocolates and chocolate lollipops for sale so she could have money to buy Easter products. I sold it to her in 2003 and 2004. She only sells it on Easter and people always ask for chocolate to eat at lunch, so I took the opportunity and bought some ingredients to make truffles and lollipops without taking any course. I sell an average of 100 truffles a day!Reported by Ana Claudia.

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