Alexandre Pierce sings good hits at Red Eventos ‹O Regional on ‘Bile do nego Vio 2’

Alexandre Pierce sings good hits at Red Eventos ‹O Regional on ‘Bile do nego Vio 2’

Alexandre Pierce performs at the Red Eventos in Jaguarina on the 20th with the tour “Bile do nego Vio 2” and promises to stir up the emotions of the audience during the three-hour show, where they stroll through some of the 90’s best hits.

The tour follows the line of his album, recorded by Som Livre and touring the entire country, protecting not only the good hits of the Só Pro Contrarier but also others from Samba, Axe, Pagod and Certanejo. Directed by Alexandre himself, with music produced by Pedro Ferreira.

Alexandre Pierce, affectionately known by its name, “Bail do Negro Vio 2”, also brings some potpourri.

“Silada” by Molejo, “Rindo a Toe” by Fala Monsa, “Temporal” by Art Popular, “Essa Tol Liberdade” by SPC, “Uma Brasileira” by Parallamus do Suesso, part of the collection ..

Axé is represented by “Arakatu ಮ್ Bom Demise”, “Liberer Geral”, “Milla” and “Eva”, among others.

Alexandre Claudinho and Buchecha recall their funk pop with “Quero Te Finding” and “So Love.”

Popular classics “Morango do Nordeste”, “Agamamou” and “Bom-Bocado” are two of the most famous works of art.

Pagod is represented by the hits “Mi Apyxoni Pela Pessoa Errada”, “Telegram” and “Beezo Geladinho”. In the Certanejo repertory, Alexandre chose “Adero amor voke”, “voke y ver”, “nao apprendi a say goodbye” and “Evidence”.

“We were working on an international tour and many people in Brazil heard our show, so we decided to dance with some of the greatest hits of the ’90s, which was a success.

All the songs were chosen with great care and dedication, because they were very significant songs at the time and still excite the public today.

To reproduce them is a big responsibility, ”says Alexandre, with a show that preserves the best moments of the 90’s with great hits.

Another great success of GP Produções and Red Eventos! Make sure you get your ticket!

Red Eventos, located at Avenida Antártica, 1530, Santa Úrsula – Jaguariúna, opens at 10:00 pm and tickets can be purchased at RM50.00 or at .br

Check out more details and full schedule of events (07/16 – Fabio Jr.; 08/26 – Z Ramalho; 09/03 – Jorge Arago & Diego Nogueira; 10/21 – Marisa Monte; 11/19 – Chitazinho & Xoro 50 Years; 12 / 09 – Zezé di Camargo & Luciano) Website

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