5 movies with non-clich ಪ್ರೇd love stories

Discover five films with clear and traditionally evasive novels

Romance films are known for cliches, however, some productions are changing the genre.
Romance films are known for cliches, however, some productions are changing the genre. | Photo: Freepick.

Many films with romances bring out clich ವಿಧಾನs and endings that viewers expect as soon as they begin to see the production. In this way, there are several novels already known, for example, romantic involvement between the girl and the popular boy dedicated to the study, the good friends who fall in love and are slow to move on, the good guys moving away from life situations and meeting again in the future, among others.

However, some love stories are told in films that transcend traditional themes and bring new ways of portraying romantic relationships. Visit now 5 movies with romances presenting amazing narratives!!

5 romance films that move away from the traditional clichಷ

* Spoiler alert !!!

1. Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind (2004)

Image Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind Joel (Jim Carrey) and Clementine (Kate Winslet) tell the story of a couple who, despite several disagreements, try to keep up with their relationship. However, after the breakup, Clementine decides to erase all the memories he was living with Joel during the process of erasing the memory. Upon discovering what she did, Joel decides to do the same operation, but abandons therapy when he has access to memories. Thus, the cinematographic work speaks of the importance of memories, as tragic as they seem, and the relationships that end there also keep good memories unworthy to be forgotten.

Two. La La Land – Singing seasons (2016)

In the picture La La Land – Singing seasons, Mia (Emma Stone) is an emerging actress who wants to achieve recognition and success in her career. Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), meanwhile, is a jazz pianist who wants opportunities to show his talent and get his own bar. They meet and fall in love in the noisy city of Los Angeles. However, when everyone decides to pursue their own dreams their paths take different paths. The filmmaking highlights the differences in love stories with lighthearted, profound ways and songs that enrich the plot.

3. That’s right there (2013)

Image That’s right there Shows a totally unlikely romance and is even less approached by narratives. In the book, Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) is a writer who falls in love with Samantha (Scarlett Johansson), the voice of the operating system’s artificial intelligence. Thus, the dystopian production depicts the outpouring of excitement between human and artificial intelligence, highlighting some of the challenges faced during this romance. In this way, the film promotes love, technology, breakups and the future reflections of humanity.

4. Butterfly Effect (2004)

Butterfly Effect It tells the story of a college student named Ivan (Ashton Kutcher) who has had problems with memory since childhood, forgetting some traumatic moments. However, when he reads his own diaries, he is capable of going back to the past and changing certain attitudes. When he was still a kid, he loved Kylie (Amy Smart), but throughout the film’s story, he couldn’t be with her, as he changed some things from the past and went to find her in the future. , Something went wrong in his life and there was a tragedy. In this scenario, in the name of the love he has for Kylie and the fact that he can harm her, Evan decides to change the day he befriends the young woman and they grow up not knowing each other, which helps characterize this love. The story is surprising, touching and admirable.

5. A wedding story (2019)

Image A wedding story It does not speak of a marriage story of happy moments, delusions and romantic clich ,s, but it portrays the end of a love story. In the story, the couple Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) and Charlie (Adam Driver) decide to separate and face problems during their divorce. With deep reflections and complex and very rich dialogue, the play brings an innovative approach to romance. The filmmaking is made up of long monologues and emotional scenes that show some possible differences between the couple in the most pure and realistic way.


By Camille Magri Garabowski – Speak Up! Caspar

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